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    Start here:
    The Audio Board's Frequently Asked Questions → 7.1 Headphones? →
    Links in bold text indicate recommended places to start reading (in no particular order).
    Please report broken links by leaving a comment or sending me a pm.
    Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook (pdf) The Audio Expert: Everything You Need to Know About Audio Spatial Hearing - Revised Edition: The Psychophysics of Human Sound Localization Principles of Digital Audio
    Glossary | headphone.com Describing Sound - A Glossary Learn the Language of Good Sound Understanding Frequencies
    Ear Training
    Phillips Golden Ear Challenge
    Headphone Data Sheet Downloads | Innerfidelity HeadRoom: Build a Graph Golden Ears DIY-Audio Heaven SuperBestAudioFriends Measurements Forum
    Headphones & Loudspeakers

    Headphone Technology Guide (Dynamic vs Planar vs Electrostatic) Inside Headphones with Yuri Shulman, Shure Engineer Headphones: Comparison Buying Guide Headphone Fundamentals (pdf) How to Evaluate Loudspeaker Sound and Accuracy The Engineering and Art of Headphone Design Headphones, Mixers and Headphone Amplifiers Open Or Closed Headphones
    Impedance & Sensitivity
    NwAvGuy: Headphone Impedance Explained Headphone Impedance and Sensitivity - Benchmark Media Systems Understanding Impedance Curves & Phase Angles Understanding Loudspeaker Sensitivity Sensitivity vs Efficiency
    Transducer Characteristics
    Headphone Measurements Explained - Frequency Response Part 1 Headphone Measurements Explained - Frequency Response Part 2 Headphone Measurements Explained - Square Wave Response How to Interpret Graphs HT Measurements Explained: We've Got Some Explaining To Do Understanding Frequency Response, Part 1 Understanding Frequency Response, Part 2 Testing Loudspeakers, Part 1 (pdf) Testing Loudspeakers, Part 2 (pdf) Square Wave & Frequency Response Ups and Downs of Square Waves Waveform Analysis Beyond Frequency Response: A New Approach to Audio Measurements via Wavelets What Makes a Speaker Sound Good? Effect of Acoustic Impedance on Headphones Is transient response a problem with headphones? What is the effect of impedance on headphone sound quality?
    Soundstage and Stereo Imaging
    Directivity in Loudspeaker Systems Directional Hearing: How to Listen to Stereo
    Amps & DACs

    NwAvGuy: Headphone Amps/DACs Explained NwAvGuy: Headphone & Amp Impedance Headphone Amplifiers - Part 1 - Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. Headphone Amplifiers - Part 2 - Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. How Audio Amps Work Audio Amplifiers 10 Things about Audio Amplifiers You've Always Wanted to Know Introduction to the Amplifier an Amplifier Tutorial The Differences Between a Power Amplifier and a Voltage Amplifier A Discussion Of Power Amplifier Specifications Amplifier Sound Amplifier Input and Output Impedance Amplifier Classes
    NwAvGuy: More Power? NwAvGuy: All About Gain Audiobot 9000 (Headphone amp matching) How Much Power (pdf) Headphone Power Calculator Amplifier Sensitivity, Decibels, and You! The Interrelationship of Speakers and Amplifiers Understanding Amplifier Power Specifications How can I tell if I don't have enough power for my headphones? Questions about voltage/current headphone requirements Can speakers be protected from amplifier damage? How do amps work? Headphone & Amp Impedance Questions? Effect of more powerful amp on subwoofer
    Audio Science
    Science in the Service of Art (pdf)
    Sound Characteristics
    Frequency, Amplitude & dB NwAvGuy: Music vs Sine Waves Fourier Analysis (pdf) Using the Equalizer Effectively (pdf) Impulse Responses Sound Radiation Patterns
    Sound Perception
    NwAvGuy: What We Hear Why We Hear What We Hear - 4 part series Is Sound An Illusion?
    Electrical Engineering Principles
    Ohm's Law Calculator Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Ohm's Law Capacitance in AC Circuit and Capacitive Reactance Square Wave Testing for Frequency Response of Amplifiers (pdf) Distortion & Negative Feedback Phase Angle vs. Transistor Dissipation Impedance Matching of Audio Components Op-Amp Working Voltage Considerations Slew Rate Explained
    Headphone Measurements Explained - Total Harmonic Distortion Plus Noise Part 1 Headphone Measurements Explained - Total Harmonic Distortion Plus Noise Part 2 Understanding Audio Distortion Linear Distortion Non-Linear Distortion Intermodulation Distortion The Sound of the Machine Phase, Time and Distortion in Loudspeakers Jitter and its Effects Clipping Revisited Music Clipping: How To Avoid It Audio Distortion Measurements Nonlinear distortion testing of loudspeaker driver units Power Amplifier Clipping
    Digital Audio & Digital Signal Processing
    The Science of Sample Rates (When Higher Is Better — And When It Isn’t) How Surround Sound for Headphones Works The Importance of Mono in a Stereo Mix Perceptual Coding - Shrinking Your Audio Traditionally, bass is usually in mono... What is Joint Stereo? What is dither? Mp3 conversion causes clipping? Linear vs. Minimum Phase Upsampling Filters Test Brickwall Filtering and Multibit
    Acoustical Concepts for Home Theater
    Audio Myths
    Subjective vs. Objective Debate Why We Remember So Many Things Wrong Science and Subjectivism in Audio Dispelling Popular Audio Myths Common Amplifier Myths SoundStage! Max dB - Fast Bass, Slow Bass - Myth vs. Fact Audio Myths Busted! Audiophoolery Bass Myths Balacned vs Unbalanced Headphone Amps 24/192 Music Downloads are Very Silly Indeed Why Too Little Power will NOT blow Your Speakers Valve Myths Op Amps: Myths & Facts The Truth About Cables Speaker Cables: Science or Snake Oil White Paper on Speaker Cables and Interconnects The High-End Mythology of the Toroidal Power Transformer Measurements: USB cables for Audio DACs Review of Audioquest Jitterbug and Uptone Regen USB Conditioners
    Human Ear

    Instrument Frequencies and Sound Terminology

    Sealed vs Ported Subwoofer