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  1. I think it may be the PSU, I have a fan controller, and the its connected to the PSU with a molex connector and the fans connected to the fan controller do not spin, does this make it more likely to be an issue with the PSU?
  2. When I switch on my PC the fans start spinning, the lights switch on, but there is no post beep or display on the screen, I'm not sure whether its the cpu, mobo, or gpu thats not working, could anyone help?
  3. Thanks, but I would still like the keep the hard drive, I just want the os and a few games on the ssd, also when I save stuff to documents, etc will it save to the ssd or hard drive if the os is on the ssd?
  4. Hey, I just got an 850 Evo and I've installed it, but I don't know how to move my os and some games from my hard drive onto it, can anyone help me?
  5. it does not, I don;t mind spending more than 30 thoguh
  6. What about the steelseries rival?
  7. So I've been using a wireless mouse for a while and it isn't good lol and now I'm looking for a good reasonably priced mouse for around £30, thanks in advance!
  8. I'm making a minecraft server (don't judge haha) and it says i need my local start and end port, where do i find this?
  9. I still don't know which card is better haha, I made a strawpoll now. http://strawpoll.me/6872370
  10. Its EVGA, but why should I not choose the 970, doesn't it perform better?
  11. I've been looking for a graphics card for £250, I don't know what to get, I have a 750 watt power supply, so far I've found the R9 290 and ther GTX 970, I don't know which one is better. (because after googling the 970 there are issues with drivers and coil whine).
  12. I can't remember the name, it uses a 3.5mm cable.
  13. I just want to plug my microphone into the speaker, what would I need for that?