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  1. Ok, a little bit of context. I dont have much time on my hands due to work, but would like a rig that saves space and that I can hop into games when I have the time. I am not looking to max out all the options Aftershock has. Seeking advice on what would be the best configuration to choose, without spending unnecessary money. I am not really into this so I am not familiar with what differences would the different options make (apart from the layman "Ahhh more expensive means better!" concept) Can someone share your opinion on what would be your recommendation in terms of configurations to get decent fps during gaming? See link: https://www.aftershockpc.com/welcome/ProductconfigRec/aeon-32r-new-1 Many thanks.
  2. Well taken care Razer Blade. Owned it for a little more than 3 months. Only started using it more frequently a few weeks ago. Notice the charging is intermittent. It resulted in the battery not able to charge up overall when using normal windows applications like surfing chrome. While playing games like Diablo with the charger plugged in, the battery still drops around 14% with just 15 minutes of gaming. Been corresponding with Razer. Sent the machine in once and they said a battery replacement will solve the issue. The problem persists and they told me to try re-calibrating the charging sensor (something which they suggested me to do prior to asking me to send in the laptop for repair). Second time re-calibration didnt work either. I believe its something more than just a driver conflict. Anyone here can shed some light to me on what might be the issue? I am still in correspondence with Razer but its getting really exhausting... Video of issue after re-cal, replace battery, re-cal, still the same: