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  1. I use Avast personally and like it... as for second opinion scanners I alternate between malewarbytes and hitmanpro
  2. No I uninstalled them but sadly the problem still persists would formatting windows possibly resolve this issue or from what has been said does it seem hardware based
  3. No luck :< any other suggestions or am I thoroughly screwed? haha
  4. I doubt it but would this possibly happen because of swapping from a gtx 560 to a 7950 reference?
  5. GPU-Z, Afterburner, and Catalyst aren't displaying temps any help would be appreciated
  6. No previous coding experience would like some suggestions as to where I should start any and all help will be appreciated.
  7. You're gonna have to be specific with the price good sir
  8. Sry to bother but I forgot to mention this in the post. Would you happen to know if the isopropyl alcohol would damage the oleophobic coating on the screen?
  9. Was wondering if cleaning my phone screen with 99% isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth will damage the screen in any way i'm assuming it wont but doesn't hurt to check.
  10. Sorry I derped just ignore my stupidity.
  11. I assume they wouldn't be counted as it would be unfair to those who entered within the time span
  12. Would you by chance know when the winner will be announced and how they will be contacted?