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  1. Yeah i know but i will be using it as my main pc so the extra " do help a lot and i cant preorder and the y70 is the one they have in stock and i dont think anyone will buy a overpriced laptop like this one exept me and my stupid need....that's a lot of and's
  2. Oh he is gonna party everynight he's staying (sony gonna be paying for all that
  3. He's gonna be in las vegas in the 4th of december till the 6th december i think a 1400usd laptop will still be in stock even more since there only 1 review of the product and i dont see much people buying the y70 but i will consider this, thanks!
  4. Thanks guys i wanted an y50 with double the gpu memory but they dont have it on stock and wont have it anytime soon so i chosen the y70 plus it seems to have a nice screen and the 17.3" helps a lot when gaming in a notebook if anyone has a video review on the y70 pls link it i didnt find anything on youtube, thanks a lot!
  5. Hey guys im from a shit country called Argentina and to not make this any longer i have a friend going to las vegas with little to no time for searching a gaming notebook for me so this is the one he can get me because its near he's hotel and he can go walking to the best buy so the notebook is this one (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-17-3-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-black/8618424.p?id=1219354097539&skuId=8618424) i need to know if i would be able to run gta v in this bad boy at any configuracion (i mean i dont mind low, mid or high) at more than 30fps i know the specs for pc are not out yet but what do you guys think, anyways thanks for the help and i love you all. Blind. (If you guys want to know my friend is going to las vegas because sony playstation is taking him to an event this december, if you guys wonder. Thanks again.)