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  1. My brains says "HELL YEAH!", and my wallet says "HELL NO. You're not getting that"... - http://www.battlbox.com/

    1. Maheshvara


      Kinda no. From what i understood, they don't ship internationally, but at first they did, and if anyone was subscribed to them at that time, they still ship it. So if there's anyone from Serbia that's subscribed, he probably receives it.

    2. Maheshvara


      Nope, even if i could, and if my wallet was in a good mood, i couldn't afford it... The pro box (with a knife), the one i want, is 150$, and that is way too much for our standard....

      I do dig this, and i might even get it someday :D http://www.strikesurvival.com/#!product/prd1/4061423691/strike-survival-match-gen.-2

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