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  1. This should be a fun one I have a house with ~100 smart devices (all of the lights, ACs, blinds, some doors, some locks, some power outlets, boilers, etc) - All connected to HomeKit (using homebridge) As my Security Cameras DVR died, I was wondering how can I in addition of locally storing my footage, store it in the cloud using Apple's free recordings. Basically, I am looking for a DVR kind of device with 8 camera inputs like the left image, and 1 output like the right image, that also has an API I can access the live footage stream locally on the network. + Do you think it is a good idea to keep it all on Apple's servers? I think it would be smart to also store a local copy, but the HomeKit integration would be wonderful to access the footage from wherever, securely. I am aware of: The thing is I already have my cameras installed, and wired to my power-closet, so I just need to find a compatible device
  2. Thanks! This looks kind of good, I'll read more into it, but it seems like 150$ for 1 transmitter, 2 receivers. Quite expensive, but if I have no other choise... Regarding remote signal - Apple TV remote is built in all iPhones, so my family can control it from the phone over WiFi.
  3. I own 3 TVs with cable and Samsung Smart TV software on them. I also own 1 Apple TV. Is there a way I can share the Apple TV output between all of the televisions, such that every TV can see the video output from the Apple TV? I was thinking on getting an HDMI splitter, and if exist, a wireless HDMI cable (something that works over LAN is probably best), however, I can only find wireless HDMIs over 200$. Is there a cheaper way to share the signal? (can't pass a cable between the TVs, different floors)
  4. Thank you all, it was a graphics card issue. Disconnected and reconnected, works
  5. Guys, I need your help. My computer was totally fine, then I started playing Rainbow 6 Siege, and it crashed. Booting, it makes this sound and does not continue: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/266658407962902539/386238726046482432/Motherboard_Louder.m4a It happened yesterday as well, again when playing Rainbow, but then I only blew on the MB and it was fine.
  6. @Elerek That is a cool tool, but no. I need to be able at any time to remote control the RDP sessions logged into my terminal
  7. Up to this day, I had a Windows Server 2008, and many users logging in remotely (around 10). Going to tasks manager, I can go to users, and if a user is logged in I can "Remote Control". Now I need another PC to act as a terminal for those users, something related to adding more users and less load. I gave my IT guy a Windows 10 PC to do it on, as I was requested, but after working on it for 4 hours and configuring everything, he said that there is no remote control option in Windows 10, but if I want I can install Windows 7. - Does "Remote Control" exist on Windows 10 for RDP sessions? - If not, does it really exist on Windows 7, and is reformatting my only option? I just don't really want to pay for another 4 hours of configuring stuff. Note, I did see this option in technet, and it is listed only for windows server, here.
  8. @Mooshi That's why I can't understand why it is 100$ @rn8686 Makes more sense if that is the case, thanks
  9. I asked for an offer on a prebuilt system for work, and got 2 suggestions. 1. HP 8300 / SFF / i5-3470 3.20 GHz / 8GB / 240GB SSD / NO-DVD / WIN 7 PRO / 400$ 2. HP 6300 / SFF / I5-3470 / 8GB / 240GB SSD / WIN 7 PRO / 500$ What is the difference? Is it only the DVD drive that is worth the 100$ difference?
  10. Well yes, I wish it was linux, but it can't be. It is Windows Server 2008
  11. Unfortunately, yes. I'll try convincing my dad to keep the drives separate. If I do manage to separate, should I get SSDs for the OS? something like 2x250gb samsung 850 evo?
  12. Good, so final thing, are the WD red good for servers or anything else I should get?
  13. Thanks, I have a backup disk on site (periodical), network backup (image), then daily FTP backup for the data to my home, and a periodical full drive image (once a month I take it home)
  14. Ok, that sounds like a good solution. Also, apologies, made a mistake, it's raid 1, not 0 So: connect both new drives -> use a drive cloning software (any recommendation?) -> replace old drives with new drives?
  15. Oops correction, its raid 1 (mirroring)