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  1. mario64

    Quietest 15" gaming laptop

    Any specific models you’d recommend? All the reviews I’ve seen show them pushing 50 dB or more when gaming
  2. mario64

    Quietest 15" gaming laptop

    Thanks for the responses. I'd prefer no higher than 46 db when gaming
  3. Hi all, I'm in the market for a 15" gaming laptop but don't want a "hair dryer" model such as the Razer Blade series. Fan noise per se isn't so much the issue with the Blade as the high pitch whine they have. From what I've read the MSI GS65 is rated to be the quietest one currently available. Is that correct? Any other suggestions? Perhaps the new Alienware m15? Thanks
  4. mario64

    MSI GS65 from iBUYPOWER?

    Gentechpc.com is great. Got mine from them with LM and custom drive configuration
  5. mario64

    Surface Book 2 15 inch overheating?

    Just like to add that I have now gone through two SB 2 15” units and both overheat. Even with a 100 millivolt underclock I’m seeing upper 90s. As much as I would love to keep it I will be returning it. That can’t possibly be good long term especially given that the CPU sits right next to the screen and battery
  6. Hi all, I recently tried out an Asus Zephyrus. The performance and screen were great but I just couldn't get used to the weird keyboard placement. In addition, it wasn't as quiet as advertised. At ear level I was regularly getting ~44db not the promised 40db for MaxQ. I ended up returning it. Question now is, what is the next best option? I prefer to stay in the under 5 pound range and also relatively quiet. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  7. mario64

    960 Pro or Evo for laptop

    Gotcha. Nah I’m just playing WoW and various other games, watching movies, etc
  8. mario64

    960 Pro or Evo for laptop

    Thanks Paradox. Would the real world difference between Evo and Pro be noticeable?
  9. mario64

    960 Pro or Evo for laptop

    Anyone else have suggestions between the 960 Evo and Pro as replacement for a SM961?
  10. mario64

    960 Pro or Evo for laptop

    From the numbers I have seen the MX300 is not even close to either Samsung drive
  11. mario64

    960 Pro or Evo for laptop

    Hi all, I’m looking to upgrade the SM961 512GB in my Asus Zephyrus to a 1TB drive. Considering heat, speed and compatibility which should I choose between the 960 Pro vs Evo? Thanks for any advice mario64
  12. mario64

    i7-7820HQ vs i7-7920HQ?

    Please forgive me for reviving an old thread but I am facing the exact same dilemma as the OP albeit for slightly different reasons. I’ve always wanted a MacBook and am finally able to. Thing is, I play WoW which is very CPU dependent. Since the MBP GPU is weak I need every ounce of CPU power I can get. At first glance the 3.1 seems like a no brainer. However, I’ve read these laptops throttle under sustained load. Given that, would the 3.1 actually be any faster? Or worse, even slower than the 2.9? Thanks
  13. mario64

    Razer Chroma vs Corsair K70

    K70 RGB user with a dead LED. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=134030