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  1. when I try to redeem my code that i got after buying a 980ti, the process was going fine untill when i have to sign in uplay before i can continue but whenever i sign in it does redirect me back to redeem the game.
  2. Alright I fixed it. One of the HDD slot on my Air 540 was broken. So instead I used my own sata cord and molex . cable managements gets ruined but atleast i got it working
  3. so my 1tb hdd was getting full go i went and grabbed a 3tb hdd. I plugged everything in and only my ssd and my old hdd are showing up. its not showing in the bios too. im using the corsair air 540 which has 2 hdd slots. only one seems to work when i place my 1tb hdd on the right one it works but the 3tb hdd on the left slot doesnt work and vice versa. im using gigabyte z97mx gaming 5 motherboard
  4. That's what I thought. Coz Gsync disables when you go past your monitors refresh rate.
  5. but when u turn vsync off and ur fps goes above 144, gsync wont work anymore right? it must be within ur monitor refresh rate..?
  6. so i need to use vsync with gsync inorder to stay within the gsync range?
  7. http://www.microcenter.com/product/443197/24_1080p_Full_HD_3D_Gaming_Monitor_-_XB240H
  8. When I cap my fps within freesync range I still get tearing, not as bad as when freesync is off but its there.
  9. Right now I am rocking the Asus PG279Q and I still have around 25 days to return it to Micro Center. Should I return it and get the Acer x34 for like $500.... more. Does $500 justify for the immersion... since they both are kinda the same?
  10. At 3440 x 1440p. Don't recommend me nvidia cards coz I have a freesync monitor.
  11. $200 more worth for 75hz?? And freesync.