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  1. Tried the suggestion didn't work
  2. Yes I am local admin 4690k Dual 980s Gaming 7 gigabyte
  3. Hi guys so I pre ordered GTA V on steam and I cant seem to get it to work Whenever I press the play button on steam it would not even start up social club and it will appear in the acivity that im playing GTA V but then it disappears So what do I do? Ive tried reinstalling the game several times Anyone encountered the same issue?
  4. hi guys just built a system and I have a burning question in my head, will a shorted or broken GPU spoil a new motherboard or prevent the system from booting? Also? If I short out the GPU will the computer is running will it kill my motherboard? Just some questions that I have as I want to take some caution when handling my system
  5. Thanks for the responses guys Was deciding between XB280HK and XB270HU
  6. other than looking better it doesn't really do much more than a TN than have more lag So is the extra money really worth the IPS panel? and how much to an extent is it better!??
  7. PB278Q is not bad for 4k
  8. Others might argue that resolution matters way more than IPS or refresh rate in which itd be a 3:2 win for the XB280hk So I'm hoping for someone to answer which is valued more
  9. Hmm I really like your post Especially coming from someone actually w a xb270hu Not as if I can't run with mid to heavy aa But the dilemma I face is with future proofing, but at the same time I can notice the color shift especially when working with the vertical tilt for word documents
  10. The big question is, 144hz,1440p, IPS vs 60hz,4k,TN ?>?>? Which has higher priority considering I love high refresh rates, want IPS but also want a higher res Which would you guys put priority over I have 980 SLI so driving all this nonsense is no problem
  11. hi guys so it's a question I have Price isn't a issue here and I play competitive Dota 2 but I love games that look good like GTA V so I would like IPS but 4k is a better resolution. I would love an IPS(didn't use in my life before but heard it's awesome) panel and the 144Hz as I play competitive games, 1440p is also pretty good for a 27 inch monitor But I want 4k so it will last, especially with G-sync it will allow me to breathe life to my system later I have 980 Sli and a 4690k so driving 144fps is no issue at 1440p Will I notice the higher pixel density? Will I notice the 5ms GTG lag on the XB270HU How much more better looking is IPS to TN
  12. I suggest spend as much as your willing to go and no further, but no compromises too And at the end of the day you will stare at your system and think "this is something I made and use daily" nothing beats the feeling If you think 4k is too much keep reducing it till u get to 3k, if it's still too much reduce is more until you're comfortable spending that kind of money on a computer,