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  1. @Cacao no i dont as im not breaking the rules lol @mgsstar thankyou mate
  2. @ how did you make your memeber thing loading... instead of junior? also please reply to your case picture that i commented on
  3. @Levent could i ever match the fps?
  4. @Cacao , @Cryptonite , @megadarkwood , @Dave Zember im just starting to really get into computers everyone...
  5. whenever i convert a movie it either loses quality or audio is out of sync or there is something wrong with the file, its not the same as before.. why is this?
  6. Do cpu's degrade in performance over time? and degrade in overclockability?
  7. ok thanks, also how long will my asus ve248h monitor last? @qwertywarrior
  8. ok how do you know it wont damage it? ok thanks mate @qwertywarrior
  9. @qwertywarrior also are you sure that if I touch the screen with one finger, not very hard but touch it to either squish a tiny one quarter of a fly size bug or accidentally touch it if im showing something to someone pointing to it, would this damage it / do anything?
  10. @qwertywarrior , whats your facebook can we talk their about this please?
  11. @qwertywarrior ok are we talking pure bluray discs or rips on the net or both?