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  1. well see with the intent of upgrading to the 3000 series on launch the 2700x would be a bit overkill for me rn
  2. any suggestions as to how to check os health etc?
  3. 8gb, though i dont know if this matters as im never at 100% utilisation but my cpu is always pinned. definitely could be wrong though thats why im here
  4. my current system is a 4670k and a sabertooth z77, for whatever reason i can barely have discord and rb6s open let alone be able to stream that, which is the thing i want to do. been waiting for 3 months now as i assumed the 3000 series would be early 2019 launch but alas it is not.
  5. oh id be happy to get a higher end board, its just that ive no idea what is good.
  6. current pc wont let me stream bigger games, i.e rb6s and the like. its barely able to have rb6s and discord running at the same time without some stuttering. and i cant figure out why so i was just gonna do this and accept the $150 loss
  7. they seem to hold true on everything else so i thought itd be the same for the gen 3
  8. well ill only lose around $150 if i do this so. 4670k ocd to 4.3 with a sabertooth z77 iirc
  9. oh sorry, i thought that they were am4 socketed and would just be straight drop in upgrades? im new to the red team. basically my current cpu is 5-6yrs old and is starting to struggle, i want to have the best cpu available and was waiting for gen 3 ryzen but ive had enough and now knowing that its 6 months or so away my plan was to do this in the meantime so i can get back to streaming. currently my cpu can barely have rb6s and discord running.
  10. So im going with the r5 2600 and will resell once gen 3 ryzen comes out and ill buy one of the top 2 there, my question is what mobo do i get considering that future upgrade? i really know nothing about mobos edit: doing this so i can actually stream in the meantime, current cpu is dying on me, unable to have rb6s and discord running let alone stream
  11. pepperz

    Cpu usage high

    Umm what would these look like in task manager? Everything shows as 0% cpu usage, obviously not true but so low not to register as even 1%
  12. pepperz

    Cpu usage high

    8gb ram 1080ti
  13. My 4670k pins at 100% playing rb6s, the game only takes 60 to 70% usage discord takes 5-10% so I'm wondering if that's normal? My pc isles at 20% what can I do to lower this?
  14. @Jurrunio Hey thank you for the quick and detailed reply!! sorry that im only getting back to you now, im upgrading to this so i can stream and play the current gen titles a bit better my haswell cpu aint doing so well anymore. would you still suggest the 1700 over the 2700?