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  1. Stutters a lot when idle. I found out that it was my hard drive, its constantly at 100% when I'm sitting idle.
  2. All I have is IDE hard drives apart from this one. I might be able to test it with someone else's PC.
  3. @WinNut PSU?: http://youtu.be/fC4pxPf2Hxchere is a short video. At 19 second is a prime example. Quiet, but you can see that the whole system freezes.
  4. For the speaker? It's making my whole system stutter even with out then plugged in
  5. I'm in the BIOS just now and can't and I can't seem to get this problem.
  6. I'm in the BIOS just now and can't and I can't seem to get this problem.
  7. not a "physical noise" like coil whine. Coming through my sound card for sure!
  8. I have had problem with my PC in recent days. I thought it was the PSU so I replaced that around 20 minutes ago and it didn't fix the problem! The problem in that my PC is stuttering making buzzing noises when it stutters. Extremely noticable in games. Makes Windows unresponsive and won't let me shut down properly. Started happening on Saturday when I got my new CPU (IT DID HAPPEN BEFORE WITH MY OLD CPU!!!) and the problem carried over! Any help would be great! I think my old PSU started to take out my components and such but I'm not sure. I could make a video showing you the problem but I don't know if its health for my PC to even have it running at this stage! Maybe its my Mobo been take out but Idk.
  9. OK. Will do tomorrow then (if its still in the shop) with a Corsair Builder series 600w. This has been an ongoing problem but today it has been constant.
  10. They are linked. They only happen with each other. Not right on start up but during operation (around 10 mins after). My mouse is OK. I have scanned for Viruses and Malware but nothing worth noting found
  11. It is coming through the sound card, nothing physical found.
  12. I'm hoping to get a new PSU maybe tomorrow. The +12 voltage on this one has never been quite right, dipping down to 11.808v today I seen.
  13. Today I started my PC as normal. I noticed after start up that there was some stuttering and a buzzing sound every 5-6 seconds that lasted for around 1 second each. I have a P8Z77-V LX2 and a crappy CiT 750w PSU (that I am hoping to replace soon). I could get a video when it happens next if you want.It is not the CPU because I got a 3570k today to replace my G2020 and the fault carried over! Thanks!
  14. alright. hopefully its still there is a couple of days
  15. one like this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-i5-3570K-3-4GHz-/191453865027?pt=UK_Computing_CPUs_Processors&hash=item2c938a2443
  16. I would need to get a new mobo if I was to get the FX CPU so I guess I can save money and possibly lose some (not much) FPS but it will be a lot better than what I am running with just now!
  17. Alright. I'll see what is on eBay on Boxing day or the day after. The i5 will do me until Skylake when I hope to build a whole different system all to get her. Do you think I would benefit in buying a SSD as well for OS and some games with the money saved from not getting an i7?
  18. Alright, so I will be better off with a i7, but if I can't get one for the right price will an i5 do?
  19. I will probably need a new heatsink anyway for with the i7 because I will probably end up buying a second hand one
  20. I will be editing but not extremely intensive editing. Just cutting clips, rendering etc...
  21. Probably wont get a lot for it. I was a very low end board when I bought it but it is compatible with the i5/i7 CPUs so I guess I can just buy an i7 for the price of a FX8350 and mobo.
  22. I have seen the specification of the GTX 960 and people were comparing it to the GTX 770 so I guess it is a better GPU that the GTX 750 Ti
  23. I have heard about the 8350 bottlenecks in BF3/4 and some other games. I only have a GTX 750 Ti for now (might get a GTX 960 when they come out). Idk if I would suffer from bottlenecks with my current GPU. I play games like ARMA 3. I have a friend with a 4770k and a GTX 760 and he can stream and play at ultra (or at least very high) settings