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  1. I mean I would gladly do so, show me a IPS Gsync Display that is 165hz and 1440p 27-32in, and not curved, that doesnt use the horrid Q&Aed panel. All of them have horrid Q&A, the Acers the ASUS, ect, its the panel company, and they are the only one that makes the panel. There is no other options sadly. Also, Dead Pixels are always going to a be possible issue with any monitor. When buying a 100-200 dollar monitor, its not such a bigge. When buying a 800+ dollar monitor its a bigger deal IMO.
  2. Hey, thanks, but once again I do not have a local store. Also the monitor in question is known for horrid Q&A, so no, new egg doesn't take it back no questions, and 15% of 800 dollars, maybe multiple times, is a lot of money very quickly (thats over 100 dollars, per send back). People have been through this with new egg, with most on reddit saying either buy used or from a NDPG store. As said with Microcenter, there is stores that have a No Dead Pixel Guarantee, I know of 4 right off the bat, 3 of which are in UK area, and the other is a Laptop/desktop store (which doesn't have the monitor). It was also very common with Ebayers selling the Japense 1440p IPS monitors back in the day.
  3. Sadly I do not have a microcenter I live in a small town, so online stores are really my only option. I know Microcenter has an online store, however in every experience of mine trying to buy stuff from there, they wont let me lol. I actually checked that today for the monitor, they said only In Store Pick up.
  4. Hey guys, so I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a new PG279Q, and I was curious with all the Q&A issues abound, does anyone know of a US store with a ZDPG? I'm not paying 800 dollars for a monitor to have dead pixels and be told get screwed (the fact companies do that is sad )
  5. Well Ideally it would be a card lol. That said, almost, but no cigar. That is Msata not PCI, I would pefer a PCI one, and with a shorter cable.
  6. I was curious has anyone tried the M.2 Riser cables or know of a card of some kind that can flip an m.2 slot? So I am building a new PFsense, in a 1u very very tight case. And stupid Asus had to go an put the M.2 slot on the board on the edge facing out, and say "2242 native, however due to edge design any length supported". Which, is kinda wonky solution lol. Of course reliable 2242s dont exist, and I dont have that much space from the board edge and the fan. So if I have to flip the m.2 connector around somehow, so that it will support a 2280. Preferably a riser that supports PCI 4 lanes, as that is what the board supports (Haha, funny right, seeing how a 2242 pci drive doesn't exist......) Asus has taken the stupid award of the year for this one. Oh here is a pic of what I got to give you an idea of what is going on here. That PCI slot will also be on a Riser cable to run the network card in the correct direction. (I would prefer a card riser but not with Istars prices :P.) So I guess I lay that cable down then, lay the new m.2 on top so I can sink it. As its a small and hot case (1u)
  7. Oh man, that dark mode is sick! And ya I thought it looked diffrent.
  8. Good to hear guys, I should have just stayed here long ago lol. I actually made this account when this forum was new, but OCN always called me back, but I will not be made out to be something im not (Well Id be lying if I said I dont troll, and think we have all trolled before lol, but I troll in games and prided myself to NEVER EVER TROLL ON OCN!) and that is why I am so upset about this whole ordeal.
  9. Ya i left the context out of that. So some of the faults I seen with thread ripper that I was attacked for stating, by a whole lot of users, a mod commented and said he is right, he makes a very very good point. That was one of many times that mods in the thread took my side on issues I brought up, however all my posts were trolling lol. I dont think it had anything to do with any of that. I was attacked by long time members with more posts then me, they broke the TOS multiple times attacking me. So I think the mod wanted to protect his friends, so he decided to go after me, to protect them. As he then made a comment on the thread, "If you believe a user is trolling just report them" In doing so, and by deleting only my threads, and the posts calling me a troll, they told the entire thread I received an infraction for trolling, therefor breaking there own, TOS!
  10. Me neither, that is what I am saying that is what upsets me. If I was trolling, I would of said your right, I am sorry, and moved on. But I wasnt trolling, at first I made a few points about TR and then tried to defend my reasoning's after constant attacks. And then boom, I was "trolling" I wrote The Forum Manager about the mods actions, and then another mod hit me with a 2 week ban minutes after telling the first mod that I was going to take it up with him.....
  11. Honestly that is what scares me though. I went 6 years and 5 thousand posts on OCN with a few times I slipped up and was rude, and apologized to the user and the mod, and moved on. But this? Being accused of trolling for voicing my opinion that is absurd, I am done with them. Voicing my opinion in a polite and professional way no less! Ahh the trolling Infraction, the one that has no reality behind it, and needs no explanation.
  12. The name calling ECT? Thats the thing, I didn't call anyone a name, I wasn't rude, I wasn't mean in any way. However half the thread was rude to me, saying I was a troll, a Intel Fanboy, a this, a that, saying to ban me. And yet, none of them had anything happen. And their only posts that were deleted were the ones insulting me. It also wasnt a static fact we were arguing about the convo moved as it should, into other things, A few things I was misinformed about and conceeded too being as such. Yet the mod said none of them did wrong, I baited them into acting that way. I guess 1 infraction was easier than the tons of people attacking me. Then after the thread was cleaned, Someone stated something about Intel Pricing I linked a price guide and my opinions (That with a new waterblock for those that have an Intel one, TR is the same price as intel) That was perceived trolling, even though the person Iw as replying to was pro intel in the debate lol.
  13. What is the definition of too aggressive? Replying when you are attacked lol?
  14. Well ya I obviously struck a nerve with the 1 mod, and the other came in to the rescue. The funny thing is before that Mod, deleted all my posts saying I was trolling 4 other mods posted in the thread, some replying to me, and out debate. That one mod got mad at me, and it was over, another mod hit me for more lies. So apparently, providing facts to people is trolling because they dont support your facts. Yet they bashed me and said I was trolling, insulted me, ect, ect, I got rude with no one, ignored flame posts. and Proceeded with the discussion. However as you can see from the OP, the thread was about TR and I pointed on some flaws with it, then proceeded to defend my reasoning as it was attacked, and I got an infraction for that. I have ran a small forum a long long time ago. And I know how things are supposed to go, but moderators that take personal opinions into the moderation or friendships, should be fired.
  15. Hey guys, I was a member here for a short time, (as you can see lol). However I know need to find a new home then OCN, as there moderation team is absurd. They disagree with your comments they censor them and claim your trolling. I then told a user that accused me of trolling, that I was never trolling, after he told me to leave the thread (seriously?) and they said I was discussing moderation and trolling many users opinions. I am not going to put up with that kind of stuff. Its absurd, so looking for a new home for my forum time :). BTW my "troll post" that started it, " Where is everyone getting these ideals that TR has 60% less power consumption and and runs cooler? I am on my 3rd video and have yet to see that?I do see the OCed 16c under load consuming the most power of every chip tested, including an overclocked i9, and the 12c slightly less than the I9.As for temps, well these people need to tell us how they are reading that, that matters, TR TJ max is still 75c (107c if using the AMD temp offset, No one does)" So you tell me LTT is that trolling? I think not, but alas you are not allowed to have a varying opinion apparently on OCN. As if you tell someone they are wrong, and show facts why they were wrong, well you are trolling apparently.