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  1. If i have to use a drawing board, then it doesn't matter
  2. And which one would you recommend? Honestly I don't know anything about them.
  3. Hm... I'm still fine with a GTX 1060 but a 1050Ti can still to the job for sure, i gues... Battery Life & Weight = I don't care
  4. Dear Community I hope you all are doing well ! I need some help to find a new Notebook. I'll try to describe what I actually want and what I need. Hands down first, my Budget might go up to 2000€, yeah I live in Germany. I would like to replace my ld Laptop and Desktop Maschine with a new Laptop (If even possible :S) Well, I want to game and to work on it. I was thinking about an i7 9750H would do fine during playing and rendering. If you think an i7-8750H would do the same job then let me know. I don't need a RTX card since I'm not really into RayTracing. RAM should be atleast 16GB. Storage, well... I can upgrade this from time to time and I can also buy a copy of Windows so there is no need for a pre-installed OS. (Since I mentioned "Gaming" obviously a Macbook won't be a Choice, but if it helps to speed up my Workflow, why not?) I don't need anything beyond a GTX 1660Ti for sure. Fast SSD and HDD would be great but as I said, I can upgrade this easily. 144Hz Display is a must (unless I can use a 144Hz Monitor with the Laptop) Now to the difficult part: It would be nice if the Screen has a Touch-Function. I would like to use a Touchpen to edit Sketches and to place selfmade Icons and to use some Handwriting to add Notes. Those Documents/Pictures should be archived at my Laptop. I don't mind to buy an extra Graphic Tablet but it would be nice to see what I'm working at (also on the Tablet). Beside that, I use Nuendo, Vegas Pro & Adobe Photoshop. A Laptop that can do all of those things would be nice, but to buy an extra Graphic Tablet is also a Choice. I'm also able to go beyond 2000€ I know it sounds too specific but this would ideal for me. The Designs from an Acer ConceptD, Dell & Lenovo looks the best for me. But I'm not a Fanboy of any Brand so feel free to recommend what ever you want I hope you can help me, it drives me crazy finding the perfect Choice between all those Products. Yes, my english sucks. Thanks to the german education. Best Regards, Stefan "JenK" T.
  5. Hello everyone, it is time to upgrade my RIG in order to have more Single-Core-Perfomance. I've seen some Benchmarks from the R5 2600X and it seems like that the Core i5 8600K outperfoms very well in CPU-Demanding Games. I'm mainly playing Counter Strike : Global Offensive and facing the issue to have huge FPS-Breaks when Opponents start an Execution on a Bomb-Site. My FPS should be more stable, because i'm also active in several 1vs1-Leagues where i got some Money by winning Tournaments and i'm going to continue competing. My previous OC-Experience were an i5 750 and a FX 8350. Currently i'm using a Xeon E3-1231v3. In order to finish my new RIG i need some advices about the Board and RAM. My Goal is to OC the i5 8600K, if necessary. Because i'm using a Corsair Carbide mATX Cube Case i'm looking around for a decent mATX Board. I'm currently stuck with the "MSI Z370M GAMING PRO AC", it is quite expensive but i've heard about better OC-Quality (the 370 Boards suits best?) For RAM, i don't have a clue. Most recommend 3200mHz Sticks CL16 some others say 3000mHz CL14 performs better and so on. I don't care if i first buy 2x 4GB and later on 2 more for 16GB Total ram or instantly 2x 8GB RAM Sticks. My Cooling Solution for the CPU would be a "Silverstone Tundra TD02" I want to reduce the Bottleneck as much as possible in order to have a very fluent eSport-Experience. This is my current Setup: Windows 10 Prof. 64 Bit Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 @ 4x 3,6GHz 4x 4GB DDR3 1600mHz [Total 16GB] ASRock H97M Pro4 AMD R9 290 Black OC by AMD [Will be replaced by a nVidia GTX 1060 soon] SoundBlaster Z by CREATiVE RM750x Modular 80+ by Corsair If you have any other Suggestions or Ideas for a different Setup, please let me know. I would rather listen to your Feedback and Advices. And excuse me, my english is *beep*. Best Regards, Stefan "JenK" T.
  6. Dear LTT-Community, after I've opened my Laptop to check how many SATA/Ram-Slots are free, my Laptop is not going to boot. My Laptop just turns on when the power cable is connected. The actual issue is that my Laptop just turns on/off the whole time. So there is no way to go into BIOS... Things I did: Clear CMOS Check Laptop Batteries Check Charger My product: MSI GE62-2QEWi781 Apache Link: http://www.notebooksbilliger.de/notebooks/msi+notebooks/windows+10/msi+ge62+2qewi781+apache I hope that someone may help me... Sincerly, JenK
  7. Dear LinusTechTips-Community, possibly I need to replace my current mouse and would like to tell you my current setup. I'm using the Clawgrip to hold my mouse, I've always moved my whole arm while playing FPS-Games. My current Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Large Control Edition. Currently, I'm using 400DPI and my InGame-Sensitivity in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is at "1.0" with Raw-Input "ON". Yes, I need much more time killing a person when an enemy moves pretty fast towards me, but my whole Gameplay is based on perfect Spraydowncontrol and tracking the Enemies from Edge to Edge. My new mouse shouldn't be too fancy, I do not like to have so many Buttons on my mouse. Also, the amount of DPI is completely unnecessary for me. For me, it is important that my new mouse should be more accurate and precise. I've got no clue about the Sensor-Technology and if that makes a huge difference between cheap and expensive products. (yes I know, a better mouse doesn't make me better) Current Product: https://sharkoon.com/product//10042#desc My most expensive mouse was the Roccat Kone[+] for 90 Bucks when it came out, however, my current FireGlider from Sharkoon is more accurate than any Roccat products I've had. I do not know why... but it feels smoother compared to my previous mouses. Final Question: Does a mouse with a better Sensor-Technology has more Accuracy compared to cheaper mouses? My Budget is endless, so there is no limitation to your product suggestions. _______________________________ I thank you in advance for any suggestion. Best Regards, JenK
  8. It is on High Perfomance and my Notebook is always plugged.
  9. Most of them 30%-60%, never hits 70%
  10. Dear LLT-Community, I've bought my first and new Notebook from MSi to play some Games while traveling. First of all, the Specs: Product: MSI GE62-2QEWi781 Prestige Notebook OS: Windows 10 64 Bit CPU: Intel Core i7 5700HQ GPU: nVidia GTX 965m RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz HDD: 1000 GB Display: 39 cm (15,6") I've tried to play some rounds CS 1.6 and CS:GO and it felt so weird that MSi Afterburner showed me that my GPU-Usage is mostly at 28%. My Frames per Second are mostly below 100... I've made tons of researches about the i7 5700HQ and it should be around my Xeon E3-1231 V3. My current Desktop system with an R9 290 has around 300-500 FPS and yes, CS is fully CPU-intensive. I've turned off all Powersave-Features and there is still no way to hit at least 200FPS with my current Setup. My only last solution would be to disable HyperThreading because CS:GO uses just 3 core effectively. However, my nVidia Drivers and BIOS is completely restricted. CS:GO Settings: Res.: 1600x900 Shadow: lowest Shader: lowest Texture: lowest Effects: lowest AA: None VSync: Off Blur: Off I would like to hear some suggestions! (please do not tell me that 30fps is enough, just please....) Best Regards, JenK
  11. Well my CPU is scaling in CS:GO and GW2 up to 70%, but in all other Games just from 20%-50%. Actually my Card is even downclocking and upclocking randomly, doesn't matter how much GPU-Usage do i have. Sometimes even 725mhz with 99%-GPU-Usage. HT is deactivated, i activate it if the Application supports more Threads or using it in Video-Rendering. Pretty weird to explain that Behavior. It doesn't make sense what my GPU does !
  12. Thank you, i think i'll get the GTX 970 then.
  13. I mean if some newer Games does not run probably on highest Settings i'm able to lower them, i don't care so much about Enthusiast-Gaming. Excuse me