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    Asrock extreme 4
  • RAM
    8GB Vengence
  • GPU
    560ti @ 1GHz
  • Case
    Antec somethingorother
  • Storage
    500GB WD + 128GB Neutron Gtx
  • PSU
    800w Corsair Gaming (xXx xtremeeee 420)
  • Display(s)
    Dell19" 900p IPS
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 EVO
  • Keyboard
    Filco Majestouch 1 Mx Browns TKL
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    DT990 PRO + Fiio E10 + Stereo system
  1. If you can find the VSonic GR07, they would probably be the best sounding buds for that price. Not sure where you can get them nowadays, but if you look around you can probably find them.
  2. Rhizo

    Best DAC for me?

    Everyone has told you multiple times that the e10k will be more than enough power for what you want, and has a built in dac. Just buy it already. The only people disputing this haven't actually tried the e10 with any headphones, so just listen to those of us who have, and get the e10k.
  3. Rhizo

    Best DAC for me?

    the 250 ohm, DT990 pro version.
  4. Rhizo

    Best DAC for me?

    I've been using a fiio e10 (the original, less powerful version) with a pair of dt990 pros for 2 years, and you will never need to go above 60% volume on low gain. I guarantee it. Listen to ssl he knows what he's on about.
  5. For comfort you cannot go wrong with any of the options you have asked about. I have worn both the dt990pro and k702 for 10+ hours at a time with 0 discomfort, it helps that they just made the k702's headband flat with no bumps, I wouldn't factor comfort into the equation with your choices as they are all great in that department. Essentially, with either choice you will be perfectly happy, so just see which features you 'need' to have, so for me I wanted a removable cable, which the k702 had, but the dt990 didnt, and that's how I decided. Good luck!
  6. Of course I agree, but because of what he says below, it is a little confusing.
  7. Rhizo

    HD600/650's vs o2 amp

    Yeah pretty much. Although, I found a pair of alpha dogs within my price range, and I'm seriously considering it. Looking on headfi could be a good idea... I'll probably try to get an o2 at some point, since I'll be upgrading eventually, but for now I'll just save till summit-fi haha. Thanks,
  8. The thing is, the op says 'I'm looking for a set of cans that will be good for fps "sound whoring" and vr immersion', which tells me they shouldn't take into account their musical preferences? And for those applications I'd argue the dt990's would be the better fit. Thanks,
  9. The gel pads are extremely expensive. For a pair of 2 from thomann.de it's like 110 euro which is insane. It's not that big of a difference to be honest. Regarding 'flat' and 'analytical' headphones, unless you're listening to well produced music in high bitrate files you won't really notice, especially once you adapt to it. In games and other media a v-shaped (or as you would call it 'fun) headphone would be more suitable.
  10. I have used both the dt770, dt990pro and k702 (very similar to k701) for extensive periods of time, and the best solution would be the dt990 pro. I would pair it with a fiio e10k if you could, although it would be fine on a pc's default sound to be honest. I don't really like the dt770 much, the bass sounds pretty muddy and the mid range is pretty sheltered. Of course it will still be much better than some 5 quid pair, but still. Please take into account my bias towards open headphones, which may make me sound particularly harsh about the dt770. dt990 pro fit all your conditions, although if you think you need an amp for the dt990's and not for the k701's, I would be careful about that, because although the impedance is low (like 62 or something ohms?), the sensitivity is also very low, meaning you do need some power to get volume out of them - they are definitely harder to power than the dt990's. For your genres of music I'd probably shy away from the k701's and go more towards the dt990's, although the dt770's would probably fufill your needs also. Thanks,
  11. Rhizo

    HD600/650's vs o2 amp

    So basically, there's no point to side grade or get an amp for the sake of it. Got that sorted! Now although I'd love a pair of he-500's, I wear my headphones for long period of time so I'd probably want to go for the HE-560's for the headband along, but at that point it gets a bit too expensive for me... If you include amp and headphones into the cost, what do you think would be the best upgrade for max like 4-500 GBP? Thanks for the input,
  12. Ok, just in the future try to provide slightly more diagnosis than 'it doesn't work'. If you could provide what you've tried, what you found out, etc, it would be useful if you want someone to help you with your problem.
  13. For 300-350$, if you can give up the wireless I would highly recommend using a mod mic and a good set of open ear headphones. Regarding 7.1, it's completely pointless. We have two ears, and a stereo headphone will give you the same amount of imaging (listen to this with headphones on for an example). If you do choose this route, I would probably recommend the k702 (bumpless headband model) or the dt990 pro. Thanks,
  14. Rhizo

    HD600/650's vs o2 amp

    Having a 'neutral' sound signature doesn't make a headphone sound any 'better'... I'm basically asking if a different flavour of headphone (dark vs bright) would provide a more noticeable difference than buying an o2. Thanks,