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  1. How long do you have the k70 ?
  2. I bought this today: http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/products/sampler-kit/wasd-sampler-kit.html But i don't know how many days it'll take for the delivery. (I'm in France)
  3. As you can see, i'm using a lot of forums, facebook, i'm coding a bit, and typing on skype, google, etc. But i'm playing a lot (LoL, and a lil bit FPS).
  4. Okay so i'll take the K70. What do u recommand for new mechanical users? Brown or Red?
  5. no it's not max width 48cm. But it's okay, i just did some modification with my desk, i'll be good i can carry 24cm (height)
  6. I just found, with wristpad 210mm. It's the max for me.
  7. Corsair K95 is too large, and i rly don't need macros. Someone can give me K70 dimensions with and without the wist pad plz?
  8. Hey guys, i'm french. I'm looking for a mechanical kb, it'll be my first. I really like K70 Black , but i don't know if it's a viable keyboard cause i heard a lot of leds problem. Can u help me to chose a good keyboard, and tell me if K70 is really that bad? (Azerty ISO , Brown or Red Switches, Backlight). Thanks
  9. Soo, max price = k70. But if i don't buy a k70, i prefer 100€ max. Brown or Red switches (I'm a BIG LoL player and Rust player (a fps survival)), better red or brown?
  10. If possible, i'd like to have a back light
  11. I've 2 questions: -Is Corsair K70 a realy viable option? (Cause i don't want to have led problems or change my KB 2 years later). - If it's not a viable option, can u give me some suggestions for my new keyboard? Thx for ur answer
  12. Hi, first of all, i'm sorry for my english, i'm French and i've not a perfect english. So, i want to buy my first mechanical KB. I really like the K70 Black, but there is a lot of leds problem apparently. I want a full size azerty ISO keyboard, with backlit, i don't need macros, or just 2-3 profiles for leds, and some media hotkeys. For you, Corsair K70 still a good option, and if it's not, wich keyboard should be good for me? (I don't have many volume, so my keyboard max dimensions are: 47.5cm * 19-20cm) Thanks !