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  1. Does the Classified and the FTW have the same feature? I'm interested in EVGA as of now.
  2. Then explain to me how Newegg SG approved my RMA a number of times if the problem is on my end?
  3. I am only living with the store RMA's I have before their periods end. And based on the store's inspection, the boards have the problem, not on my end. Now, please, answer my question: Asus X99-A a board with the least amount of issues right now?
  4. I love speakers and all, but the issue with them is that if you live in a place where the sound isn't loud enough, you may end up making your next door neighbors angry about you. If he has well dampened (for the lack of a more appropriate term) walls that don't upset his next door neighbors, then speakers it is. I say, go for the 558/518/598 or K612.
  5. Still doesn't answer my question: Asus X99-A a board with the least amount of issues right now? A simple yes or no would suffice...
  6. To be safe, since a fair ton of prebult PC's and currently produced consoles have USB ports, I think a Schiit Fulla would help you.
  7. Nothing wrong asking opinions. Thats why I don't understand him either. I feel like I have nothing to contribute to this because I pretty much have a similar question that OP has. I was about to make a thread about it... until I popped up LTT and saw his thread.
  8. Because I don't really want to conclude immediately until maybe one more board doesn't work on my rig. Now, can you please answer my question: Asus X99-A a board with the least amount of issues right now?
  9. Or buy a bike or commute and spend the rest of the money on something thats actually enjoyable and doesn't need to be maintained, insured, gassed, and needs to be cleaned. Edit: I fuckin' hate that the laptop I'm using has a grammar correcting software that makes my grammar worse than before. Hell, its adding words I'm pretty sure I didn't type.
  10. Not sure about that. I even did that before RMA-ing. I even tried it with an old keyboard and mouse with PS2 ports and basically none of the USB ports work. Yeah... but how come its just on the UD4P? I don't really wanna conclude that I got some other component thats causing the problem because OCing was only a problem on two Rampage boards, thats it. While everything else was a mixed bag. Now, I do wanna ask, is the Asus X99-A a board with the least amount of issues right now?
  11. I'm not looking for the best OCing board. I just need a fully functioning board with the least fuckups. So, does the SOC Champ have one of the least amount of fuckups? I don't know how a CPU can screw with sata and USB ports. I may have really bad luck with defective hardware, but oh well...
  12. Can you guys NOT be pricks? Please? I'm just looking for a fully functioning board with the least amount of problems. I could not care less either if the OC potential is the best or not, I just need it to OC at atleast 4.2 stable.
  13. I don't know about that. The thing is, its a Seasonic 1200 80+ Platinum. Oh, and I forgot to state the problems I've encountered on the boards (even did bios and driver updates...): >non-functioning USB ports (UD4P) >Sata-ports not registering the drives I plugged in (Gaming 7 twice and MPower once) >DOA (SLI-Plus, Extreme6, and second UD4P) >Refuses to OC at all (Rampage V twice, despite no OC problems with all other non-DOA board)