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    i7 4790k // i7 4770k
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    Asus Z97 Mark1 // Z97 Maximus VII Hero
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    Corsair Dominator 32GB kit // 16 GB kit
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    Evga GTX 780Ti SC x2 SLI // Evga GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0
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    Carbide Air540 // Graphite 760T
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    SSD 512GB x2 - 12TB NAS
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    24" 120Hz x2 3D ready // 24" VE248 x2
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    Custom Loop low profile radiators / fans
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    Corsair K95 // K70RGB
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    Corsair M95 // M90

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  1. about orange coolant, I can only point to a trusted retailer like here http://www.frozencpu.com/products/17699/ex-liq-280/Mayhems_Aurora_Coolant_Concentrate_-_250mL_-_Orilla_Orange.html?tl=g30c337s1809&id=PxWMTRsZ or this one here http://www.frozencpu.com/products/24285/ex-liq-394/Mayhems_Aurora_Coolant_Premix_-_1L_-_Orilla_Orange.html?tl=g30c337s1809&id=PxWMTRsZ but I wouldn't know about the aggressive dye, I heard red is one difficult to take off even when you drain your system. The kit comes prefilled so you might want to flush it first if you want to use your own coolant. Don't worry about refilling it, when done, check everything and mount it.
  2. I think if you do one invoice only, they charge you once for shipping. Don't worry if it seems there is indeed mutiple package with different tracking. You can also pick Canada Post to pay less too.. If you aren't really satisfied, you could always order from US on FrozenCPU.com but you could expect to pay some taxes.
  3. Welcome to LTT community! the Swiftech H220-X is a good choice if you've never watercooled before. It's a nice starting kit to be familiar with watercooling, however as you can see, you can't do push/pull and you're kind limited since the pump is attached to your rad. So my first choice is to go for custom loop! at least you can customize it like the way you want. But I think you forgot to get the reservoir in your list for your custom loop... You can use any reservoir, but I suggest you look on something like this http://www.frozencpu.com/products/25522/ex-res-855/FrozenQ_LF_Reaction_250mm_Cylinder_Reservoir_-_Black_Cap_-_UV_Green_Helix.html pretty cool, right ? Anyway, your list looks ok. I still have some comments : 1 ) about your VGA block, it doesn't recover the card entirely, I would go for EKwb (I have myself the ekwb plexi original CSQ) and a backplate if you have the money for it. 2 ) I tried several fittings but don't ask me why I found the EK ones a bit easier to turn and they looked cleaner to me. http://www.ekwb.com/shop/accessories/fittings/compression-fittings/for-10-16mm-3-8-5-8-tubing.html 3 ) didn't see your choice for coolants, but don't do the same mistake as I did : I'm using blue tubing with blue coolant which doesn't make sense since you can't tell the difference and I would recommend coolant with everything added already but you can always use distilled water and add chemicals too. 4 ) same comment for everything, I prefer to match theme, so if I'm using one brand, I would go for EK cpu block (plexi original CSQ), EK gpu block and EK fittings. 5 ) if you live in Canada, a good alternative (without promoting Dazmode) is his own view of radiators. He made his own brand I believe, a good balance between performance, FPI and a slim version. https://www.dazmode.com/store/product/triple-lp630-extra-slim-27mm-radiator/ I speak for experience because I choose XSPC rad v3 but they were too thick.. so I tried his slim version. at the end I had same if not better results (at least for me). 6 ) the fans SP120 Corsair you picked are good but those ones aren't with led.. I have Bitfenix Pro Led and I'm satisfied with it, good balance of performance (airflow and static pressure), quiet and with led. Have fun with watercooling
  4. I would think of 2 ways: a ) secure your files with nfts permissions and set that new account as guest or at least not part of administrators group. b ) using GPO (Group Policy Object) and use software restriction policies with hash rule. But I would recommand (if possible) you separate your gaming pc from your work machine. Especially if you have kids and you don't want them to touch your work laptop i.e So even if they mess around, it's just for gaming or entertainment anyway.
  5. I found some test where they said that webcam has effectively a 1080p sensor but it is only for photo mode and not video (limited to 720p). They said the bitrate was a bit low in darker room. Let me know if you look further into this. If I may suggest you look into the Logitech C920, I bought one on black friday because it was cheaper. Original price 120$, down to 89$ on amazon... I've read a few tests / comparison with other HD webcam in the market and it seems the Logitech was one of the best choice. So far, I'm satisfied, good video and microphone included.
  6. Also, if you can talk to your school / computer science department, they might have some keys for students. Computer Science Programs' Department - Microsoft DreamSpark (for academic institutions) Premium, for the period of your studies, it should provide you any software from MS + working keys. I know some schools have limited budget but they should try or provide any material to help students. for 300$/year, the whole departement and students have access to MS softwares as long as it's not meant to do business but for academic purpose. Try to convince the head's supervisor/teacher. And don't listen to him if he tells you that students should buy their own licences... Or you could go the dark way and find some torrents and cracks...
  7. I would recommend a ssd, especially if you're running VMs and an upgrade to more RAM. You cannot work properly like this. I had to mod my laptop and remove the dvd drive bay. So I put my ssd in main chamber and put my second hdd there.. You could always use usb flash drive and put any ISO there.
  8. Lynda.com has quite the library for online stuff. Youtube has some good videos too. Else I'd recommend illustrator when you work with vectors but I find photoshop, best to start.
  9. How about switching to another usb plug on the motherboard ?
  10. it depends on games too like most said. Some games aren't optimized for gamepad controller and the shooting and aiming are horrible. Besides you want to be precise and have quicker reactions like in resident evil games / fps.
  11. try to delete your current profile located on C:\Users\*user1*\AppData\Roaming\Corsair\Profiles\*file*.xml revert back to default and create new one. for some reason it won't read it correcly.
  12. Instapack looks great but expensive like you said. I still might go with it.
  13. same question but for another aircooled pc, would you ship it Internationally with everything still inside ? Knowing AirFrance workers are not known for carefully transporting boxes even with "fragile" tagged...
  14. here's a photo of my pc. http://linustechtips.com/main/uploads/gallery/album_2129/gallery_145120_2129_409462.jpg Wait, the photo you saw above (on first post) wasn't mine, that was something I wanted to do but haven't found foam yet... As you said, I would drain the loop if I have to. (being kind of lazy) Do I still have to tear everything apart if I secure tubing / GPUs and reservoir ?
  15. topic - Foam for packaging computer - help needed