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  1. Thanks everyone! Seems like I'm sending it to a data recovering service then. Oh well time to gather some money
  2. Hello everyone! My 1TB Hitachi hard drive fell about 1 meter from a table. Luckly it was powered down and in a external case. I was extremely worried though that my +900gb worth of data and backups we're all long gone, because I was aware how delecate hard drives are. I plugged it in and it started spining up. Once it spun up, the head tried to read from the disks. Unforunaly it makes some kind of high pitch noise and it's emitting beeps. And it does not show up in bios or disk manager. This is how it sounds: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z2jcjlwyreyc846/Video%202014-09-30%2018%2002%2030.mov If anybody is familiar with that paticular problem, please tell me if there's anything I can do about it myself or if I'm better of sending it to somebody who can recover the data from the disks. Thanks in advance!