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    i7 4790k oc 4.7GHz
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    MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition
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    Klevv Neo 4x4gb 2400Mhz
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    PNY GeForce GTX 980
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    Kraken X61
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    Logitech G500s
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    Asus Xonar DGX
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    Windows 10
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  1. Nvm, friend just reminded me of onscreen keyboard. Dont see anything to delete post though
  2. I need some help trying to find a way to change the left control keybind in shadow of war. I rebound every bind reading as "leftcontrol" in the ingame menu to my mouse but the left control key is still required to begin missions(so i cant start any missions and im stuck at the beginning). This is a problem for me as that key doesnt work on my keyboard, which has never been a problem before as there are plenty of keys to keybind it too. Since that key no longer works i cant bind it to my mouse since doing so in the logitech software requires you to press the key you are binding. Searched a few times online trying to find a way to rebind it outside of games without any luck so far.
  3. It's gonna be the motherboard drivers, I forgot to install them off the disc cause I'm an idiot. I'll mark it solved
  4. Well shit, forgot about that. Shows how long it's been since I've built a computer lol
  5. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the network adapter driver already.
  6. It's wired to the router yes. It's a msi z270-a pro motherboard.
  7. Just put together my brothers pc and it won't connect to the internet. It can't get an ip. Tried a bunch of stuff already and I'm stumped.
  8. Maybe if my gpu had already failed and it didnt come with one, seeing as my gpu and cpu are both on(and have been since i got them) mild overclocks with no issues. @djdwosk97 is right, thats ridiculous for what it takes to build a comparable pc. and on top of that, if buyer was interested in it, i do happen to have a top 10% cpu for that model. which makes it a little more valuable as it can go to a ridiculous overclock.
  9. Holy crap, ok I'll copy and paste for you. In fairness, your system is only worth about $1000 (and it shouldn't be an easy $1000 either). The fact that people are willing to pay is just because they're ill informed and/or don't know better -- i.e. they see it originally cost over $1600 and think "wow this is a great deal". You did say that, then retracted that statement by saying it was only worth 1k to someone who didn't know better. Implying someone who does know pc's won't buy it for that but will see the value as less. Implying it's now not worth 1k.
  10. That's a 55% value loss from new, not from its current value(you obviously didn't read the comments above). No one can sell something at it's new value if it's been bought, a cars value plummets once it's been bought, even if it's still sitting on the showroom floor. And no you didn't say selling it for more.
  11. You said my system was only worth 1k to someone who had never owned a pc. Implying you're worth some of the others who say it's around 700. Just a bit more than a 980 cost before the 1000 series. And I wasn't comparing them, simply stating they are viable now and will continue to be. I never said I'm selling for 1200, you did. You made a system for 1300, sure it's new and only marginally better game wise but it's also 300 more than what I am selling for. And who said mine isn't under warranty? You did. Plus 1300 compared to my pc and yet you can't beat my pc enough to justify 300 more dollars.
  12. Yes, you're saying amd is great and the 580 is so much better. Why don't you have one? Cause nvidia is better. Also why haven't you upgrade if so many better options are available? Cause it's unnecessary. Even 760s are still viable cards. So therefore, saying my ENTIRE computer is only worth what I paid for my 980 is fucking retarded. Every single part I have is viable for years, and still runs every game I've played on it at high with some medium settings at a solid 60fps in 4k. Since most people run 1080/1440 that extends the viability a bit. So you're still wrong
  13. Yes amd is crap and that card only sometimes beats the 980, depends on the game. And no the 1060 does not out perform the 980, gotta spend another ~250 to do that. But please go on, I'm loving how you think my 980 is shit when you run a 780
  14. And you had to use a cheapass crappy amd card to stay under 1600 dumbfuck, and not to mention your other cheap halfway reliable parts lmao