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  1. 1 hour ago, Archarin said:

    Firstly, I would take out the graphics card and any components that aren't super secured. I would also probably put a fragile sticker on it or something. And I guess finally put a lot of foam with it so it can't move around at all.

    wouldnt putting foam around the mobo create static? 


    i put newspaper around my gpu and dont take anything out

  2. Hey,

    I've looked around for a bit, but can't seem to find a way to disable internet connection on my Mac. BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING -- It is not a simple as turning wifi on and off, as I need this to be undetectable. My sibling doesn't get internet access at home, and now that we're at a resort hotel with free wifi, she is in heaven (to my parents' disapproval haha).


    I don't want a third party program if possible, so I want to know if I can disable, say, the MAC address or block everything in firewall (which would be easy to detect). 




  3. Hey,

    I've recently gotten into music production, and have been looking into powerful software that I can really master and unlock its full capabilities. Currently I am using a pirated version of Fruity Loops Fruity Edition, which is very limited in regards to the complexity of the music you can make and doesn't support mic recording on the program itself.


    Now here is m situation. I have been saving up, and have a budget of $200 for a decent setup. The issue is that the FL Producer Edition (different editions here) is $199, which gives me a &1 budget for a MIDI controller. Yay! Looking on Image-Line's subReddit posts from a year ago, I can see that people got the FL Producer Edition from Guitar Center for $100 over Presidents' Day Weekend (4 days from now). My ultimate question is whether or not it is possible that there will be the same sale this year...?


    As always, thanks!

    - Me

  4. Honestly they shouldn't even say the amount of tax on that page, maybe just include it at checkout in tiny text.


    That's from a standpoint of trying to make money. I doubt they can do anything about you saving $10 ;_;

  5. change the background ? of course you can !  thats what css is for !  (hehe.. even in html you can. but thats old and obselete)


    ew I've only changed background colors in my .html


    I prefer CSS for the more detailed styling and for refining things, and use the general styling commands in my main document. Personal preference tho i guess.

  6. They are designed to slow the older devices to a crawl, forcing you to buy a newer model. Or in this case, rendering it nonfunctional.


    I'm staying with iOS 8, I stopped trusting apple with their updates a little while ago.


    My dad is even worse, he's still on iOS 6, "true beauty" according to him lol

  7. No clue, there can be many reasons why the camera may not work.

    • camera doesn't support newer memory cards (SDXC)
    • shutter is not working properly, entry level cameras like the D50 have shutters rated for around 50,000 - 100,000 actuations
    • dead circuit board inside
    • who knows, unless it is actually diagnosed.

    r09 means that the camera's internal buffer is capable of storing 9 images before it must write the data onto the memory card


    112 could be how many photos the camera has taken, are on the memory card, or how much space left on the memory card.


    Cameras don't usually display error codes like computers when something goes wrong.  The only error code that I have seen on my various cameras is when I use an incompatible memory card that isn't supported.


    Im using a Dane-Elec 512MB SDHC card.