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    MSI gaming 5
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    Gskill ripjaws @ 1866Mhz
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    MSI R9 390
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    Corsair 200r
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    Crucial MX100 256GB + 1TB blue
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    Corsair cx 600
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    Acer 21.5in ips 1080p
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    Cooler master hyper 212 EVO
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    Steel Series Apex
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    Steel series KINZU
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    HyperX cloud w/ Modmic 4.0
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    Windows 7

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  1. Hp ex900 it's 2 months old Windows 10 and I only have this drive.
  2. I was in a call when my PC blue screened. I rebooted my PC and it blue screened again. After that, I got the error in which Windows was not installed correctly. I had to reboot about a dozen times and system restore 4 times, and once the bios did not recognize the drive. I then managed to get my PC to act normal for me to transfer my most essential files to a USB. I then got Hard Disk Sentinel to see what was going on and it said health is at 100%. I have no idea what is going on. Later I will try to image my pc again, but the first time my pc froze. I did open my pc to remove my NVME and installed it again. Is it dying? or was it just me not installing the drive right the first time? things to note: I had multiple BSOD and I had to system restore multiple times. Transfer speeds are normal. I had to reboot my PC two more times after physically removing and reinserting the drive. Hard Disk Sentinel says health of the drive is 100%
  3. Funimation agreed that Sony would buy majority of it's stake for 150 million dollars and now it means that Sony distributes anime and has rights to Dragon Ball, Cowboy Bebop, My Hero Academia, and many others. http://www.sonypictures.com/corp/press_releases/2017/07_17/073117_funimation.html https://www.funimation.com/blog/2017/08/01/funimation-agrees-acquired-sony-pictures-television-networks/ As of now currently it doesn't seem to effect anything, it's business as usually, But I want to know what would happen in the long run. Would they redistribute older anime like blu ray releases? Would they eventually change base of operations? Would anime be acquired, produced, and dubbed quicker? Would there be a movie with those Franchises? (I kinda hope not) How would it affect Crunchyroll and it's partnership with funimation in the long run? For me I think Sony would go with what ever gives it more money. I think they would re release older anime on blu ray, and be first to acquire rights to any new show that's hot. I would also think they wouldn't change base of operation because Funimations process of dubbing is already pretty cost effective. What do you guys think about the whole thing I would love to here it.
  4. Never mind I am just dumb I screwed up my Miner. I am getting 25-31 mh/s.
  5. yeah if i looked hard enough a good psu it wouldn't be hard to come by for less than that.
  6. But I can potentially gain from both just that one is more ambitious.
  7. guess it's all fine and dandy but I just want to know how long ETH will boom before it busts. I guess its a risk. Either drop $100 and get a new psu to make potential profit or sell the card now get a quick buck and play games at glorious and glamorous ultra settings.
  8. Well I live in NM and we have a block limit of 450 kWh before prices go up. for the first block .077 dollars per kWh, then .10 dollars per kWh for the second, and .11 dollars kWh for the third. Edit: goofed and put cents instead of dollars.
  9. Well Story time I first had a r9 280 but in like 10 months it died. I then got the r9 390 becuase MSI did not have the 280 in stock, so I got the 390 for around $190 when they went around for $340 - $360 at the time. Problem if I tried to do extreme overclocking my computer would tap out because of the power supply. Most I could do is 1111mhz without changing voltage. Now that bit coin is here I tried it but it took up a lot of power and my computer crashed when I tried mining. It was only with etherium though. So now I was thinking if I sold it I would get a better and more power efficient card. BTW I tried my card on a friend's pc and it worked fine for mining.
  10. With that cryptocurrency craze do you think it's a good idea for me to sell my r9 390 to get a gtx 1070? Would it be worth it? I currently have an i5 4690k and two monitors one 1080p and the other 768p. side note: If I do plan to sell I should do it NOW.
  11. Wow I honestly did not think I would get so much useful insight. I had some of these Ideas in my head but it was a little cloudy for me and I did not know how to act. Thanks everyone! I guess I'll be unique, realistic, stay on a general path, and of course treat this as a hobby and do something that makes me happy. Also if anyone has more ideas please keep it coming.