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  1. Bluuz

    Need help with audio gd 11.28 setup

    Resolved: Wouldn't recognize the device when plugged into a usb3 port. Plugged into usb2 and it works.
  2. My audio gd 11.28 just arrived. They don't seem to have much support or documentation. Installed: http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/Amanero/AmaneroEN.htm but still am not getting any audio out. Do I need to install anything else? Can someone teach me what to do? output is set to headphones (using sennheiser 598) gain off, input set to usb.
  3. Bluuz

    Cheap speakers with desktop amp

    Can you elaborate?
  4. Bluuz

    Cheap speakers with desktop amp

    I recently bought an nfb 11.28 headphone amp that comes with multiple output options, and I'm thinking of getting a set of cheap speakers to go with it (for when people come over and we can't share headphones). What do i need to look out for when I buy the speakers? Will they be compatible? Will I be able to pick up any set of sub $40 logitech speakers? Any product recommendations?
  5. Hello community, Been out of the mech market for a few years and want to be caught up on what's good. I'm looking for something that is: * tkl or less * RGB lighting * aluminum case * if no arrow keys, bindable without needing a modifier. Pref arrows bindable to right modifiers FN, Page, ctrl, and shift Are there other backlight compatable keycaps aside from the vortex ones? I'd also like a recommendation on a nice pbt set of key caps.
  6. Bluuz

    own hd598. get 6xx?

    I own hd598, like them very much. Considering the hd 6xx drop for $200 -> ~$300 CAD Don't have an amp or dac. Mostly play games, and listen to stuff w/o much bass.
  7. Long time gamer, never really liked fps. Some friends got me into overwatch, and surprise - I'm terrible at it. I'd like to work on my posture first, I'm hoping someone can give me or even suggest ways I can improve my posture and settings. I've been trying to work on a few things: 1. My elbows have always rested on an arm rest, no matter what I'm doing. Is this normal? I see pictures of people having their elbows by the side of their body, and that just seems weird to me. 2. Compared to other fps gamers, my day to day sensitivity settings are astronomically high. I'm using a g502 at 1440p, I started at 3000 dpi at sensitivity setting 15 (default). I've slowly lowered it but it still feels awkward. 3. Continuing the previous point, I've learned this is because most players use their wrist and arm in their movements - which is something I have never done - it has always been wrist only, especially since my arm is sitting on the arm rest. How can I get used to this? Do most people use their elbow as a pivot for their arms?
  8. Bluuz

    Acer XB271HU cannot do 165hz

    Yes, I am using the included display port cable.
  9. Bluuz

    Acer XB271HU cannot do 165hz

    got my new xb271hu today and it does up to 144hz fine, but whenever i try to set the refresh rate any higher, the screen goes dark, I see white flashes for about 15 seconds, and then it reverts back to 144hz. Does this mean it's a dud? It'd be quite irritating considering they advertise 165hz on the box. should mention i have a 780 ti with latest drivers.
  10. I had an old Aeron at work and was thinking of getting one for home. I'm thinking of getting the new revision of the Aeron but I'm unsure which of the upgrade(s) I should go for. Got any tips?
  11. [No spoilers pls] I just got a copy of assassin's creed 2, and have a few questions: 1) I haven't played any of the AC games, what do I need to know about the universe? 2) Do I need to know the story of AC1? If so, are there any good videos that I can watch? 3) How's the performance on PC? (780ti + 3570k) 4) Has it aged well? Most recent rpg I've played was Witcher 3 (which I enjoyed). The Italian setting of AC2 does interest me, though Anything else I should know?
  12. I'm trying to setup ssh using gitbash on windows. I noticed that somehow I must have changed my $HOME years ago, to some random folder in my f: drive (I have no idea why), instead of the default c:/users/myname. So I tried to do some googling to find out how to change it back but for the life of me, I can't find anything that works. I've tried: changing the environment variable through control panel -> advanced options, setting the home variable to another value on bash, but none of them seem to work. running "echo $HOME" always returns that random f: folder. How do I change it back, permanently?
  13. My old 2tb hdd was getting old so I bought a new 3tb drive and cloned it. Unfortunately, I didn't think ahead and now there's a 2tb partition (clone of my old drive) and a 700gb mbr partition. Is there a way to create a single 3tb NTFS partition without losing all the data on the 2tb partition? I should mention this is not my boot drive (got an ssd in the system).
  14. Bluuz

    No bluescreen dumps

    I've been getting bluescreens recently and I'm trying to figure out the cause In the past I've used bluescreenview/WhoCrashed but for some reason dump files aren't being written anymore. I went to %windows%/minidump and the folder has a read only flag (the icon also shows a folder with a lock on it). I tried to uncheck the read only flag but it won't allow me to change the flag (after clicking apply or ok, it's still read only) What should I do?
  15. No dedicated network card. I don't suspect it is only network related because of how the entire system slows down after encountering this issue. Any tips on how to diagnose if it's the psu? Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the issue on demand.