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  1. Hey everyone! I've been noticing that I am getting a lot less FPS than I am used to (i have a 144hz monitor) in some titles (BF1 and Fortnite in busy areas mainly) and I think I may be bottlenecking my GPU. I have a gtx 1080 and I may have paired it with a subpar CPU (everyone told me an i5 6600k would be fine, but I think I am encountering some issues in games with larger player counts). Would it make sense for me to pop in a 7700k ? or am I better to just scrap the mobo too and jump to the newer intel series mobos for the additional 2 cores? The reason I ask if its the CPU is because a buddy of mine is actually getting much higher fps in these specific titles than I am with a lower end gpu. Thanks in advance My current rig is: 6600k GTX 1080 144hz monitor (1080p) 16gb ddr4 2133 ram 650 watt psu gold 1tb ssd 1tb hdd
  2. hi guys, i just got a 1080 and did a fresh windows install. im finding my audio keeps cutting in and out in game. not sure what the cause is. i5 6600k, 1080, 16gb ram, ssd 128gb, hdd 1tb. I installed and uninstalled the realtek hd drivers and it persists with both usecases... is the PCMR too complicated for me? lol
  3. the audio also sometimes cuts out in the stutters
  4. with a USB using the media creation tool.
  5. Hey guys! I have a windows 10 based pc with an i5 6600k and a gtx 1070, 16gb ram and a 1TB ssd. I've noticed a lot of stuttering in games lately, and I'm not sure what the cause is. How would i diagnose the problem? how would I record the dips to give you guys better information? I've tried re installing graphics drivers with DDU, removing all overclocks... I'm at a bit of a loss as to why im having these problems.
  6. to get that clock on mine i had to change the vcore to 1.32v!
  7. we are using the rogers 2 in 1 solution. That shouldn't be causing any problems on Ethernet ?
  8. even on a wire, the connection is often problematic.
  9. Hey guys ! My family has had rogers for a very long time. Its consistently been inconsistent and I'm wondering if bell would be a good alternative. On their website it seems that the cost per mb/s download speed is higher, but bell also uses fiber... which to my understanding gives each individual a more direct connection to the ISP and you don't get the same problems of the internet fucking up during peak hours? Is the price increase worth it? or are we fucked for internet anyway we go in this part of the world
  10. I haven't really done any extensive testing! just curious to hear if anyone else with beefy systems has run into similar problems
  11. Hey guys! I have a pretty solid system: 6600k, evga 1070 (with updated bios so it won't catch on fire), 16 gb ram, boot ssd, and a 1tb HDD for games and other things... For the most part, BF1 runs near the silky smooth 144fps I'm looking for on my monitor! However, when i get into the big 64 player modes, it starts to chug! the frame rates take a huge dive and sometimes i even notice light stuttering... its weird, because in campaign with even more things going on and more things on screen I don't have any performance issues... is this more to do with networking issues? or is the HDD causing problem in this situation ?
  12. hey buddy, I have a evga gtx 1070. they have a forum post on their website that outlines what they will do if you happen to damage your GPU during thermal pad installation. TLDR they will just replace your card if you screw it up... if you don't want to attempt the installation in the first place, you can just ship your card to them and they will send you a new one with the fix applied. Hope that helps -Chris P
  13. i did use his video Kat... im just saying i was wondering if my card is defective because it routinely hits vale "1" for power limit even without OC
  14. not 120 power usage. but like in precision xoc jayz2cents said it wasnt supposed to ever hit 1. mine continuously hits 100 percent for a split second then not i guess. I Haven't raised the power limit of my card so it hasnt been goign above 100 percent even with a 150 mhz offset.
  15. Hey guys, I have an exga 1070 and am using precision xoc to oc. Ive noticed that the gpu hits the power limit a lot even at stock frequencies, which jay said wasnt supposed to happen even under overclockign conditions. it doesnt really seem to affect the OC of the card but i was just wondering if thats a problem with the card at all? is it bad for it to be hitting its power limit ?
  16. hey guys.. i was just looking at Jayz2cents pascal overclocking guide and i noticed with my evga acx 3.0 card my gpus power limit value fluxuates between 0 and 1 even without overclocking. is this a concern ? he said this should really never happen.
  17. hey guys, I recently got a 1070 and 144hz .... ive noticed in games like bf4 and some others that theres a lot of stuttering (bf4 is nearly unplayable for me) while others like overwatch run smooth all the time no stuttering. has anyone else with a pascal card noted any problems ? perhaps some drivers need updating idk but it feels like some games work perfectly while others ocaisionally stutter or hiccup... i have a 1080p monitor so it shouldn't really be difficult for my pc to run without stuttering. 750watt80+gold psu, 1tb 5400 wd blue hdd (games, 128 gb ssd boot drive), 16gb ram, i5 6600k cpu
  18. cool, thats what I was kind of thinking... do you know of any monitors you would recommend ? all the big channels only review like crazy expensive gsync ones lol
  19. I'm looking to upgrade a 1080 60hz monitor for sure. My question is whether or not i should upgrade to 1080 144hz or 1440 144hz ? the price range on 1080 144hz is great in Canada, I can't say the same for 1440. Im sort of just asking if anyone has personal experience with 1440p and would say it is a justifiable expense ? I don't mind spending the money as long as i know it will be well worth
  20. hey guys, So, my 1070 is going to be arriving soon... This has me looking into a monitor upgrade. I've been rocking an old samsung syncmaster for several years now (probably about 5 or 6) and its about time for an upgrade from teh 1080 60hz stone age... From what I can tell, 1080p 144hz is getting quite affordable in Canada... whereas the cheapest 144hz 1440p monitor is an ugly Red acer one that starts at 500ish CAD.... . I've seen 144hz and I think that is more important to me than resolution... my question is: if i have a 1070 is 1080 144hz not enough to really push it ? will i regret my purchase in a year or so ?
  21. im currently still part of the 1080p stone age but idk buddy above you said it wont make much of a difference... you really think its gonna make that much of a difference (granted im not paying even close to retail price for the chip so it wouldnt be the end of the world if i bought the 6700k or 7000 series chip prob cuz it will be next year
  22. hey guys, So about a year back i finally got rid of my ancient FX 8320 and got an i5 6600k (and even more recently upgraded to a 1070 gpu). I work in a retail store that gives me access to those cpu deals in the summer (really stupid cheap i7s and things like that)... i was just wondering if next summer i should consider grabbing one or is it really not going to make a difference for my games... i legit do nothing else besides gaming on my pc that would be taxing on the system.... no video editing or anything just office work and gaming is there any bottleneck on such a new card or is it still a good enough cpu for the job ? thanks : )
  23. im limited to the step up windows that evga provides. this is 90 days, i have like 40 remaining. so i essentially have to choose between which aftermarket cooler variant of the 1070 or 1080 ide like. im personally leaning towards the 1080 so i can be ensured that at a higher resolution it will work well. from the comments 1440p seems safer for the long run and i think i agree. as far as frame rates go, im not that concerned about 144hz, 60 is fine for my eyes.
  24. hey guys, So i bought a 970 a week or so before the pascal launch.. I really needed a card and i didnt really feel like not gaming for a week (old card died). 970 has been awesome but my friend told me there is a step up program with the EVGA card i bought and i looked into it and it seems like a no brainer with how much better the pascal cards are (gives me an upgrade path for a new higher resolution monitor aswell... currently running 1080/60hz)... So, Im not sure if i want a 1080 or a 1070... it seems like the 1080 has quite a performance gain over the 1070 and if i was considering a 4k monitor (im fine with 60hz... not a competitive gamer) it seems like the only choice. is it worth it to go up to 4k ? i think the added screen real estate from the additional resolution will be welcome as well for non gaming tasks.... let me know what you guys think ! would you go 1080 or 1070... 1440 or 4k ?