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  1. Awesome, It doesn't seem like a single AMD card is listed on that page. But the iMacs use Radeon mobile cards, doesn't that seem odd then?
  2. Nice, I haven't picked a GPU yet, but is AMD or Nvidia more supported? Do you still get the drivers from their respective websites, or not?
  3. Do you know if or know how I can find out if: is compatible? i3 2105 + Gigabyte H61N-USB3
  4. I have a lot of Sandy-bridge era hardware and I'm interested in checking if there parts are compatible with OSX and making a hackintosh. I'm also interested in the practice as a whole. I believe I've seen Luke's video on it, but I imagine at this point it's pretty dated, what resources should I check out before making the dive. tonymacx86 seems legit, there are a lot of hardware/software guides, but as far as I can tell it's all newer hardware. Is there an official topic or another forum I should check out, thanks guys. - Simon
  5. I have not tried swapping the cards around. Mobo is on latest BIOS. I'm talking the Nvidia Live chat now, but I doubt that will help. There is no damage to any either of the cards as far as I can tell, and both work great solo. Both bridges where sealed still when I pulled them out... I guess I'll try swapping them and resetting CMOS? That's all I can think of. E: http://i.imgur.com/rrnvU7X.png
  6. I have a PC with a single GTX 970. I bought another GTA 970 for SLI, my CPU, PSU and Motherboard are compatible, i7 4790k, 1000W 80+ platinum, gigabyte z97x ud3h. I plugged in the cards to the x16 slot and x8 slot and plugged in the bridge. Drivers detect both cards, but won't let me turn on SLI because they don't see the bridge. Then I shut down and tried another bridge, because one came with motherboard, one came with new graphics card. Same thing. I then tried the other SLI bridge pluging thingy, nope, then I ran Display Driver Uninstaller and reinstalled my drivers. Same thing. I'm out of ideas, how can I get SLI working? Nvidia Control Panel shows both cards, but will not let me enable SLI, it says: "To maximize 3D performance, connect the SLI-ready graphics cards with an SLI connector." But the bridge is plugged in. And I've tried more than one in each space on the cards.
  7. My buddies and I LAN a lot lately and my case is killing me, the Define R4, while awesome as ever is nearly 40 pounds and I'm thinking about getting a new one, a lighter one, but weight isn't a common spec so I thought I'd ask here. What's the best, light-weight case that would fit my PC? Full ATX Gigabyte z97x ud3h, Regular sized PSU, 1000W Fractal Design Newton, Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 (with the backplate), i7 4790k with a Hyper 212. 1x 3.5inch WD Blue and 2x 2.5inch SSDs. I also have 3x 140mm Noctua fans in here, which I'd like to use if possible, but since they are 140mm they would probably have to be replaced with 120mm in most cases. Right now I'm just eye'ing something like a NZXT 210 because cheaper means less features means less weight, not sure though. Thanks guys.
  8. Realtek didn't show in there, redownload the drivers, remove and reinstall the newly downloaded ones, sound works. Gigabyte site was down last night and I got these F5ing it brute force method, my bad. How do I delete this topic, sorry/thanks.
  9. 1) not sure, ill check that, 2) yes ofc edit: playback devices>speakers>configure>advanced - all bitrates make the same horrible sound, none of them let the system make noises at all other than that though. i7 4790k, z97x-ud3h, 16gb 4x4 gskill1333mhz, gtx 970, 2x 850 evo, 1x 2tb wd green, two monitors both DVI
  10. My PC and speakers where both working. I decided to reinstall my OS last night (Windows 8.1 64bit, Motherboard is a Gigabyte z97x uh3d.), and now I can't get my sound working. -- I am using on board sound, and the latest drivers from my motherboard's page are installed. No Windows or Application sounds are made, if I go to the playback devices the right device is picked, if I click configure>test the test does make some noises out of the speakers, but horrible distorted ones. What did I do wrong, what can I do to fix it, thanks guys.
  11. Been playing with a VM and I love it, it's just a lot slower than I'd like. I'm ideally going to switch 100% to linux and do everything I need Windows through a VM. I have extra storage on the way, but I'm impatient. I'd also be nice to have a backup even when I do make the switch on my new hardware. Cloning and backups are something I know very little about which would never hurt to learn.
  12. I want to try using Linux (Antergos) as my daily driver, for this I would like to backup my entire Windows boot drive onto my HDD in the same machine (120gb SSD, 400GB free on HDD) and then format and install Linux on the SSD. But if this all goes to shit and I hate it, or for some reason I can't use it to do all the things I need to do, have the chance to restore the entire SSD from the backup and boot into Windows as I normally would. Can I do this? What software would you recommend? Thanks everyone. - Simon
  13. What are those? Oh wow! I had no idea that such powerful video cards would be needed to push this many pixels in windows. But I guess it makes sense. Interesting.
  14. Yeah, for now. I plan on using a couple 2560x1440 Dual link DVI-D monitors as well.
  15. ^ title Curious about how much horsepower you need to drive Windows 8.1 general productivity usage, word, light photoshop, light video editing, 4 chrome/firefox windows with 5 tabs each. Something like that. No 3d applications or games, ever, at all. Probably using 2 DP monitors, and 2 DVI (not 4k panels yet, Korean 2k) Can DVI be adapted to DP, yes, right? Thanks!