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  1. Don't know how to delete but I fixed the problem below. This is probably what I get for buying a used aio but I purchased a h50 from somebody and used a kraken g12 kit to attach the aio to my GPU. I have a link so you can hear the noise. I am new to aios and want to know if there is a fix, if it's dead, or if it is problem with how I hooked it up. I get idle temps of 55 and when I tried a benchmark it instantly spiked to 88 and I turned it off. Check out @RemediesNuts’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/RemediesNuts/status/1099146597198413826?s=09
  2. Alright, I'll have the seller confirm the model and I already have a new fan ready to go. Thanks!
  3. That is a good option but I've seen people do a water cooling swap and get very similar results. Id definitely try that if the water cooling fails. I also forgot to mention I found that h50 for $15 and would at least want to give it a try(given that it will mount) as opposed to instantly putting down 80 bucks on the arctic cooler.
  4. Hello, I received a 1080 from my friend when he upgraded and love the card but it is a FE card and is either loud or hot, sometimes both. I have been looking for a water cooler a and found a h50 on craigslist that is said to be compatible with the kraken g12 mounting kit, but only in the CW-906006-WW model only. I have a picture linked below. Do you think this is the correct one and will mount to the graphics card. Also will this cool my GPU better than my current FE cooler? Should I not get the mounting kit and just do the "ghetto way" with the blower fan's end still attached? Thanks.