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  1. well i had already given intel my Performance Tuning Protection Plan and they now have started rma process. cpu is in the mail right now. if all goes well i should receive a new 6850k and if i understand correctly this time (which i might now, im too dumb) the replacement still carry the remaining 3 years warranty left but not thePerformance Tuning Protection Plan. so i can't overclock the new cpu , if i do and it dies its finito. on the other hand if i do now overclock it "wink" wink" and it dies i am fine? right anybody care to enlighten me kindly please if am wrong or right thanks!
  2. another point .. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/gaming/overclocking-intel-processors.html look at this page ... does that is a bit misleading ? i mean if i have the $$$$ to go to court.,.. even intel say yeah overclock for more pawa! .....
  3. well its new to me , been working in computer stores for the last 10 years just never had a k overclocked cpu die before that's all posting this in thje hope i can save fomr $$$ from someone else pocket
  4. but then why do they release unlocked cpu? i mean wow. nobody read these thing, also the little tiny book that come with the cpu ... so small i can't read that it hurt my eye!. hope i would have learned this with a less expensive cpu
  5. that fine, but i am no crazy overclocker and the reason i buy K processor was thinking i could overclock . never knew it would void the warranty i dont delid just access XTU and change the multiplier and voltage... never went over 1.36v on cpu and i am overcooling that thing with 3x120 radiator in total
  6. Hello , well this just costed me 1000$ canadian pesos more or less... my 6850k died. after overclocking ram to 2800mhz from 2400 @1.35 volt asus qcode 00 and dimm red light., guessing IMC on cpu deaded ... removed cpu tested in another motherboard at work, yup super dead ... start the rma process . of course i don't lie when they ask as you overclocked that cpu good sir?> well yes i did its a k y u ask ! well here is the sweet reply. never knew this as i never had a intel processor die on me ... hell right now im back on my old x5660 @ 4200mhz ... been ruining for a strait 8 year or something .... i just bough that bs of tuning plan.... hope they replace that cpu. took me a year to get the cash for that cpu. hope my little story help anybody ... i mean if you rma a K cpu ... you must LIE to intel. my mother thought me otherwise but life ... it seem's is different.
  7. sy5tem

    Wanting to move to Linux

    Well you should try to make virtual machines and try some distro... before going in dual-boot or going pure linux. Virtualization works awesome.. Ubuntu as default for new users you might not like. but its a very strong "new linus users distro" you will have to use the terminal anyways... ubuntu comes ready pretty much lol than its terminal and install what you need with apt-get ... mint second... cause it too windows like you ait going to learn linux fast with it Debian 3rd , its what both ubuntu and mint is based of.. but it will be the base linux + without funny new user helper gui. still really easy to use.
  8. sy5tem

    Windows 10 or Windows 7?

    exactly so many of my customer randomly get a broken boot after a failed Windows 10 major update.... not good. ! you can still do a clean install of windows 10 and activate Windows 10 with a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 key. really handy
  9. sy5tem

    Windows 10 not booting

    if you tried upgrade windows 7 from your windows 10 usb key and it failed , there could be a problem with your win7 that caused this. anyways , you will need to boot from a DVD media , a Recovery dvd or partition or the windows 10 install DVD, boot repair as problem when booting from usb" then chose Troubleshoot than Advanced options and try system restore to try and go back to Win7 , if id does't work you should be able to fix this with bootrec to point to windows boot directory guide here: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/repair-master-boot-record-mbr-windows But honestly , backup your data using a bootable backup or clone software. ,format and clean install , it can take you hours to try and repair without the experience and tools. Or buy a 120GB SSD and make a clean install and migrate data from old hard drive.
  10. sy5tem


    also most Windows 7 keys can be used to activate windows 10 install .. ahh yes there is an article about it. on howtogeek Activate Windows 10 with win7 keys for free " As part of Windows 10’s November update, Microsoft changed the Windows 10 installer disc to also accept Windows 7 or 8.1 keys. As part of Windows 10’s November update, Microsoft changed the Windows 10 installer disc to also accept Windows 7 or 8.1 keys. "
  11. sy5tem

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    This would be for the family rig running onboard amd video... getting old, kids growing ... need a video card
  12. sy5tem

    X99 Motherboard with DDL?

    yeah well the astro a50 support USB but its really cheesy that is why i was using spdif with dll as the sound is less garbage and still able to get decent 5.1 i guess i am going to stick with my usb sound card and get the cheapest x99 motherboard since i don't care about onboard audio anymore thanks
  13. sy5tem

    X99 Motherboard with DDL?

    well i am using DDL because i am using astro headphone. i am not using the nvidia sound card on an amplifier... i already have a usb sound card that does the job, but going from a x58 4.2ghz 6 core xeon to a 6850k as little value if i can't get onboard sound too i want as little extra usb devices as possible .,.. i don't intend upgrade for like 5 years after that ..... i don't understand why ddl as become so rare!
  14. Hello i googled like a mad man and its seems very difficult to find a x99 motherboard with DDL? is there only the asus x99 pro with dts out there? anybody know a good motherboard with DDL so i can get 7.1 trough SPDIF ? i am about to pull the trigger for a mtb/cpu/ram upgrade over my x5660 ... to get 40 lane pcie sli usb 3.1 c , onboard sound and onboards raid 0 sata 3 .... i don't want to have to buy a sound card just for ddl thank you!