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  1. Thanks Themctipers! Where do you recommend I download the ISO from? It feels like there's a lot of dodgy sites that offer it when I do a Google search for it.
  2. Hi everyone! I have bought an M.2 SSD which I will be picking up tomorrow and it is a Samsung 960 EVO 500gb. My current Win10 installation is on my "old" SSD which is an Samsung 850 Pro 256gb. I am trying to find out what my best option is: Do I keep the OS installation where it is? Do I migrate? If yes, can I only migrate the necessary OS bits or do I have to migrate the whole drive? Do I install fresh on the new drive and just copy over settings from my old C: ? I'd love to hear your experiences and advice! Kind regards!
  3. Tokega

    I had a dream....

    Nobody in their right mind takes Freud seriously. My dreams are less than 5% having sex.
  4. Tokega

    I had a dream....

    Dreams =/= fucking someone
  5. I just woke up from a dream about showing my new build to Linus. I was sitting right next to him in an office as if we were working together. I ask him if I told him about my new build and he gets really giddy about it. He comes over to my computer and there's one particular part he is really excited about; some industrial looking outtake fans. He has two in one of his other builds and shows me exactly how powerfuld they are. When I stick my head into the air path it's like sitting behind a jet taking off. Both the noise and the heat is immense. I happily yell "This is gonna be SO good in the winter!!" And then I woke up. Well, have a great sunday everyone! :-)
  6. Thanks! The 840 is around $100 cheaper, so that makes sense if there os no discernible difference. And thanks about the GPU tip. It's only a bit more expensive, but nothing that will make this build impossible.
  7. PCPARTPICKER as a tag or what? I really like the big 750D, but I guess I don't really need it ;-) DO you think the 450D would work? I think it looks better than thee 550D *EDIT* : Ah ok, the website pcpartpicker ;-)
  8. Hi everybody! I have been following Linus for quite a while now and since I recently got a job I want to build a new computer. Therefore I am looking for tips and tricks, helpful comments, insights or anything that might make the job a bit easier(It seems daunting). I will list the components(They are from a Danish website, but all the information is copied from the retailer websites, so they are in English) and if you have any ideas to what could be improved or if there is a component that are cheaper that would work as well, I will gladly read them. CPU: http://www.computersalg.dk/produkt/2248670?varenummer=2248670&utm_source=EDBpriser&utm_medium=edbpriserLINK&utm_campaign=EDBpriser Case: http://www.computersalg.dk/produkt/1080672?varenummer=1080672&utm_source=EDBpriser&utm_medium=edbpriserLINK&utm_campaign=EDBpriser Power: http://www.computersalg.dk/produkt/1046444/corsair-rm750-str%C3%B8mforsyning-intern- CPU cooling: http://www.computersalg.dk/produkt/445393?varenummer=445393&utm_source=EDBpriser&utm_medium=edbpriserLINK&utm_campaign=EDBpriser MOBO: http://www.computersalg.dk/produkt/2378761?varenummer=2378761&utm_source=EDBpriser&utm_medium=edbpriserLINK&utm_campaign=EDBpriser GPU: http://www.computersalg.dk/produkt/1039348?varenummer=1039348&utm_source=EDBpriser&utm_medium=edbpriserLINK&utm_campaign=EDBpriser Storage: http://www.computersalg.dk/produkt/1092897?varenummer=1092897&utm_source=EDBpriser&utm_medium=edbpriserLINK&utm_campaign=EDBpriser OS storage: http://www.computersalg.dk/produkt/2308811?varenummer=2308811&utm_source=EDBpriser&utm_medium=edbpriserLINK&utm_campaign=EDBpriser I hope to hear from you guys and gals. Regards, Tokega!