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    Z97S SLI Krait Edition
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    16GB hyperx beast
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    Obsidian 900d
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    intel 530 ssd, samsung 830 ssd
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    asus 34 in rog gsync ultrawide
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    corsair vengance k70
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    corsair raptor
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    oh boy...
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    windows 10

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  1. May I suggest buying at least M-Audio AV42? If not even JBL LSR305 or KRK rokit 5? Forget about the soundcard. Anything will do. Get the best speakers you can.
  2. Ardacer

    Diy dac enclosure

    Quick question. Is it fully necessary to have a dac in a metal enclosure? I'll put it in a plastic one and see it it's good enough first, just asking if someone has any experience with this.
  3. For some reason driver for the original STX is gone from ASUS website. I'm forced to use a diy driver, wtf.
  4. Well it might become one, why not. It's a good idea. Someone can rename this thread and there we go. Or make a new one for it.
  5. Are those TAD drivers? They sound amazingly good... Also, what's the big box next to Yggdrasil?
  6. I would maybe not listen to headfi's advice without a big nonsense filter. A nice example: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/some-hot-science-from-synergistic-research.741043/page-2 It's ok to read but be aware that people in charge there mostly hate proper science, so yeah..
  7. Play some pink noise while you fiddle with eq. You will know what sounds best. Pink noise has equal energy in all octaves, so properly equalized headphones (for an individual) will have the smoothest sounding, least offensive pink noise. Try it.
  8. Hd 600 is an amazing headphone. Lightweight, hlits harman curve very well, generally though of as one of the, if not the best headphone ever. I'm not sure of any audio technica equivalents. Not that they don't make some good gear, they do, but in regards to comfort and clarity, in my personal experience nothing they make comes close to hd600. Dt880 is even more comfy than hd600. Good suggestion. It's a bit more linearly distirted but sounds quite good in general.
  9. Measurments : no smoothing (1/12 on rta), far field gated to 170 Hz, rest are nearfields - they align with far field perfectly from 150 -300 Hz https://imgur.com/a/Ecine I boosted bass up 5-10 db on main profile (got Harman curve on my rta), but have a second profile with flatter bass also.
  10. I don't, I've posted a bit around here and there. Also, thanks If you need help with anything, just ask While I was learning about these things I asked on all the forums (headfi, reddit, eevblog, diyaudio, ..., including this one? - not sure though) Nobody responded Yeah well sorry about that.. didn't know those were a thing. I'm not what you'd call a regular, but I kinda love this community and Linus and guys so I come here now and then. Local audiophiles are all about the "sonic changes" the colors of your cables make
  11. Nothing yet. It's just a hobby for now, I do plan to start recording and producing some things when I get a bit more time. It flatters that you think that I do, thank you!
  12. It's a DIY stuff I made myself, sealed enclosures and Dayton DCS (or dsc whatever) 385 drivers