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  1. The sounds seem to only happen in the first 10 minutes or so of booting up my PC, and USBLogView doesn't show any devices disconnecting or connecting when the sound happens
  2. I've got it running, i'll repost here when it happens again and show my findings, thank you!
  3. https://gyazo.com/6070e112b5f9111b3626737356a20d96 https://gyazo.com/6982396c57b3ba6f71c9a020cd417857 https://gyazo.com/1da0b9e00268d5c621d8cd549e0062d8
  4. i tried that but its every hard to see which one it is happening to, as the list fully vanishes and then repopulates each time. Do you know of a better way to do this?
  5. I have tried that Turtle, the sound still occurs with 0 devices connected or just each one individually. I've tried all combinations of them connected. It's hard to test because the sound also doesn't happen for sometimes hours, then it won't stop for 30 minutes straight, then just go away on it's own.
  6. After many days of google searching and research, I have found MANY solutions to this issue, but none of them have worked for me. All of my usb devices work PROPERLY, along with my Monitor working properly. However the sound still happens. Here's what I've done so far... 1. BIOS Firmware Flash+Update, twice. 2. USB Device Manager drivers update, disable, enable, you name it. 3. Swapped around all of my devices to multiple other USB Ports, even testing 1 device at a time AND ZERO devices, sound still happens. 4. Swapped around my onboard USB headers to other USB headers on the motherboard 5. Plugged my Displayport into all 3 ports of my GPU to no avail 6. Reinstalled every possible driver for my motherboard and Realtek 7. Set power options to Ultimate Performance AND disabled OS USB power controlling features Motherboard: ASUS Z390-A Prime CPU: Intel i7 8700k GPU: Gigabyte RTX2080 OC White Here's what I haven't tried yet because I don't know how helpful it would be... 1. My H500i has an RGB / Fan controller pre-installed, I could replace that or bypass it completely? 2. Swapped the motherboard for a new one to see if the mobo has faulty usb ports? 3. Just friken muted the disconnect sounds via Windows and be done with it. 4. Disabling XMP to OC my DRAM to its intended 3200mhz? What do you all think? It hasn't changed performance or usability AT ALL... yet..
  7. Solved. Reseated cards, one of them was kinda wobbly and not clicked in. Noob mistake.
  8. Also I am NOT over clocking anything. All stock components.
  9. I have tried single card, works flawlessly with either card. Once I put them both and enable crossfire, then it poops.
  10. So I just finished building my rig, and I'm have a very big issue that I cant fix.. I've tried it all. I have 2 XFX DoubleD R9 280 3gb Cards in Crossfire, using one bridge between them. Both cards are recognized by my PC and by CCC as functional. Now the problem is this, when I open ANY game, the screen goes black, and PC Restarts automatically INSTANTLY. No warning, No BSOD. (Windows 8.1 64bit) If I go into CCC and Disable Crossfire, everything works flawlessly. Things I've tried: -Disable Catalyst AI -Force V-Sync -Force AA -Two Bridges (causes tearing and anomalies) -RadeonPro Profiles -DDU Uninstalling ALL Drivers from Safe Mode and Reinstalling Things I haven't tried that might work, but I don't know.... -DDU Uninstalling ALL Drivers, Removing Linked Card, Restart, Install Drivers, Replace Linked Card -Reseating GFX Card or RAM NOTE: It is not overheating, temps are always low and it happens IMMEDIATELY on opening a game. NOTE: My PSU is well over capable of powering the cards. Specs: AMD 8350 @ 4.0ghz (with H90 Watercooler) Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 XFX Double D R9 280A - Crossfire G.Skill Ripjaws X 16gb (2x8gb) @ 1600mhz Corsair HX750 Modular PSU Rosewill Thor V2 W case