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  • Birthday April 12

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    South Carolina (U.S.)
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    Base Ball,Football,Lifting weights, and video games (PC and PS4)
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    I play base ball and football for my high school. I play catcher for base ball and inside line backer for football. My favorite video game is GTA V or Star Wars Battlefront 2. My favorite movie is Pulp fiction. I am still picking out parts to build my first gaming PC. I also have a form of dyslexia that makes it vary hard to wright correctly moastly spelling. Every time I wright something on a lap top there are a tun of red marks.
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    I work with my two uncials.


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    AMD FX 63000
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    8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport
  • GPU
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    Corsair spec 01
  • Storage
    WD 1TB Black
  • PSU
    CX 600W
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    1080P TV
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. Lol, Luckly I have good eyes...
  2. Well because I like the high pixel density, and because there isn't much space on my desk for a big monitor.
  3. I have a Gtx 1070, and my max would probably be around $300 give or take $20
  4. Looking for a cheep small 1440p monitor for gaming... I want it to be small due to high pixil density, and because I don't have much room on my desk. I have found these 2 so far, and was wondering what y'all think. If you have any other suggestions please share them with me https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16... https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA24...
  5. Bubba200

    Drive Setup

    So search how to change home directory? And you mean Linus right?
  6. Bubba200

    Drive Setup

    So I'm upgrading my computer and I'm now getting an SSD for a fresh install of windows.... I was wondering how I can set all the other stuff that I download to automatically go to my hardrive and not to the C drive wich would be the SSD with Windows... also will the storage drive have the same format as a C drive like a program files folder etc or would I have to dig around a lot more for thugs. (Sorry if that was a dumb question) also will steam know what to do with itself when it's not in the normal C drive?Thanks!
  7. So I plan on selling some old hardware on eBay and I was wondering what y'all think about possible pricing... I pland on doing a combo of the FX8350 the gigabyte 990fx UD3 motherboard with 16 gb of ram for $150 do you think I should go up or down on that? Also I have a XFX R9 280x and was wondering what y'all think I should price that as? I was thinking like $100...
  8. Imo I would honestly build a new computer Have you seen his video on low end graphics cards... That is just old stuff, though I'm not sure if your trying to do gaming or not. I would start saving your pennies...
  9. I was wanting to know yalls thoughts on a good mid range motherboard... I plan on doing some over clocking and currently I am eyeballing the gigabyte z170 UD5 motherboard because I really like the aesthetic. (The pcb on the gigabyte and Msi motherboards look the best imo) I also was looking at the gaming 7 but it is a little to flashy if you know what I mean... Anyways looks don't matter everything to me, I want it to have solid features, and good over clocking ability. -Thanks!
  10. Ok, so I shouldn't have any problems? Just sign in to my account or enter the key and it will be activated?
  11. So I'm upgradeing my PC and plan on changing out the moutherbord and CPU wich means a fresh install of Windows, currently I have it installed on a hdd and when I upgrade I plan on putting it on an ssd. I'm not shure how to delete the Windows on the old hdd without losing all my old stuff... What I'm trying to ask is can I put Windows on the ssd while useing the same product key as I have on my hdd or would I have to re buy Windows or format my drive? Sorry if that is confusing. (I have the full Windows, not the oem) -Thanks!
  12. Hey, I'm planning a build and I am looking at the gigabyte z170 UD5 motherboard for a 6700k... Is this a good motherboard for gameing and to do some overclocking on?... Or is there better options for the price? I'm not into the red blue and green color shchemes, I like it being minimalistic and I like black, silver/grey, and white. Thanks!
  13. Ok, cool... should I just delete the windows off the old drive when the time comes? or would that mess up something with the files in that drive?... thanks!
  14. so, i am upgrading my pc soon, and i will be changing out motherboard, and CPU... and so i heard that because of this windows will conflict with the new hardware because it is trying to use old drivers. so, because of this i am getting a new ssd to put a fresh windows on it. but i also plan on keeping my old drives in so i wouldn't have to re download all my old content... should i do that or would it be a mess to deal with due to the the old windows being on the old drive... and new on the new drive... should i just suck it up and format the old drive, with boot and nuke?