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  1. Thanks for replying, can't see as it says it's private!
  2. Hi guys, My boss has tasked me with getting us new monitors & PC's as our current ones are getting old... It's been years since I last looked into building a PC so I’m unfamiliar with who makes the best hardware right now so hopefully you guys can help! There's only 3 of us so I’m happy to build them if there are significant performance gains over purchasing a prebuilt machine. Okay so here's the important information. We're web developers in the UK so essentially we need machines that can crunch code as quickly and efficiently as possible and be reliable. I must stress that no gaming will be done on these builds. As well as this we need a monitor that has a good quality picture that won't fatigue our eyes over long periods of time. The boss said he wants a 4k monitor but I'm not sure if it’s realistic with the budget... We've got a budget of £1000 per setup, we do not need any other peripherals and it must include windows 10 pro. Looking forward to hearing your advice and learning! Harry