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  1. Only problem with that being that it only happens when running certain games (system wide) and never happens with no games running which is odd. for example with COD Warzone running the problem persists but when running minecraft it's nowhere to be seen.
  2. Yeah tried it on a TV and the problem didnt persist. Assuming its either a vga problem or the monitor. Thanks for your help, do you know of any fixes besides buying a new monitor?
  3. When I play certain games (not all but most) I see horizontal translucent lines moving from top to bottom of the screen. Vsync reduces the amount of these lines but doesnt eliviate the issue entirely. I also have triple buffering enabled in the nvidia control panel. Does anyone know how/if I can fix this issue? system specs: R5 2600 GTX 1070 16gb DDR4 3000 600W Silverstone PSU 960gb Intel SSD 6 (NVME) BIOS Version F50 (Latest) Windows 10 (64-bit) Using a fairly old VGA monitor as a stand in before I can buy a new one.
  4. I'm parting out my new PC on PCPartPicker and used the parametric filter to find a 650w modular power supply. The best fit for what I wanted was a Thermaltake Paris 650w. My only problem is I can't find any evidence that it's a reliable part (other than Thermaltake's word .) Does anyone have any experience with it?