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  1. Hello guys! A few minutes ago arrived my G-Wolves Skoll 2020, the problem it's when I plug in, the sensor does't work at DPI setting on the software. I mean, I set 12K DPI and the move of the arrow feels like >2000 of my G502. Thanks!
  2. I saw it, but I can't buy it... Even no appears on Amazon. That's the reason of the list... I saw that, even if have it nice overdrive... Thanks for the recommendation.
  3. Hello folks, Currently I have a C24G1, but have it some issues with the panel (dead pixels, yellow line at middle and one half with yellow filter) and I can have an all rebate... So, I'm looking for a nice monitor for FPS (WZ, BT, CS:GO). I'm a little competitive. In my country I can get XG2405, Optix G241, VP249CQR, VG240YP, XG2402, VG249QM, XL2411P. I want a nice panel with less possible ghosting and the best response time that I can gent of the list monitor. Why don't buy in other country? To keep the warranty, send the monitor will cost at least the half of the monitor with shipping, excluding taxes... I don't care the panel tipe (TN, VA, IPS), only want the best possible for shooters that I can get (please only from the list)... Thanks guys!
  4. Which do you currently use now? I don't like razer haha. Do you can tell me another one? Please
  5. Hi guys, currently I have G502, and under quarantine I play more than I expect. A few weeks ago I started fell pain on my fingers after 2 hours while gaming. Can you recommend me a new mice please. My hand: length 7.75 ", width 3.5". Thanks!
  6. Thanks bro. Well, actually I have @4.7 on all cores, and with a 25°C room temp and 40% fan speed and 20% pump, the peak it's 60°C on gaming, and the exhaust fans (2) are the case fans included with the 500D SE, I think are nice temps and if I SW the fans for a better ones I can have better temps...
  7. Hi guys, a yerar ago I bought a 9600K because I had a limited budget. But I don't know if will be enough for next gen games, my plan it's I'll upgrade platform in two years at less. Do you think I need upgrade to a 8C / 16T processor? Now I can upgrade to a 9900KF ... I don't edit videos, only sometimes convert videos with handbrake and I occasionally use AutoCad, Inventor, Mathlab, MasterCam and maybe start use Catia (at this time, all runs fine for the work I do) I have: MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Cabron MSI RX5700 MECH OC Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) 3000MHz CL15 Intel 800GB SSD Custom loop only for CPU(360 / NF-A12X25PWM / D5) With the graphics card I don't have problem, runs the games I play and I'll upgrade the next year ...
  8. Hi guys, I have all my parts for my custom loop, only I need choose the fans to build the loop. I want a nice static presure and quiet fans, I don't care if they have or not rgb, only I want the best fans for a good price. I know the best option are the NF-A12x25PWM but on my country the price are $32.5 each with taxes. I saw the Corsair ML120 Pro (CO-9050040-WW) for $25 with taxes. Or which one do you recommend me? My radiator it's a Black Ice Nemesis. Thanks!
  9. All are 1080p@144Hz and 24" to keep a good pixel density.
  10. 9600K@4.7 + RX5700MechOC + 16GB@3000MHz
  11. Hi guys, I'll buy a new monitor and I'll use to play OW and CS:GO, I dont want be came a pro player, but I want to be more competitive. The monitor I only use to play and web browsing, no video editing or watch movies and stuff. I have up to $200USD to spend. On my country I can buy thesee ones: - Zowie XL2411 (non P) - MSI Optix MAG241C - Acer VG240YP For an extra bucks, I can buy the XL2411P or XG2402, they are at discount but I don't know if they have discount until when I'll buy the monitor (maybe wenedsday).
  12. I get it! One last thing, the BFI it's the technology named Flicker Free or Motion blur?
  13. Actually, yes. You explained the cases very cleary. In case with 144Hz monitors, A-Sync OFF for eSports games and A-Sync ON for other type of games. What do you think about that?
  14. Hi guys, Searching for a new monitor I read on some reviews the MPRT y VRB response times. I want to know if all VA and IPS panels can't not works with A-Sync and MPRT/VRB response times. I mean, if you have ON the A-Sync you lost the 1ms MPRT/VRB response time and you have rt>1ms response time? The TN panels with 1ms GtG have this effect if the A-Sycn it's ON? Thanks for the help!