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  1. Half Life

    System Crashes

    Hi guys Well, today I ran P95 10+ hours with the memory stick on B1 and no problem. But Gigabyte told me if I use one stick must be on A2, I did it but the system crashes again with this error: 0x0000003b (0x00000000c0000005, 0xffff83cc8194a2e2, 0xfffffb03ca726ce0, 0x0000000000000000). Do you think than the slots A maybe are faulty? PD. The buzzing gone after clear CMOS.
  2. Half Life

    System Crashes

    Actually, for the moment only have one ram stick on slot A1, and last night I change it to B1 and ran P95 on memory blend arround 4+ hours and no problems. Today I'll run P95 for more time and at the night I'll play to check. I hope it's just that if you use only one stick that you need to place in slot B1, because the manual only indicated the slots than you must use if you have two or four sticks. I change the speakers for a headset and the buzzing gone, the buzzing only hear when I use my USB speakers, I'll clean the CMOS and at the afternoon post the feedback.
  3. Half Life

    System Crashes

    Another thing, after the last crash I hear a little buzzer when the OS runs up, and too when I do something with the mice.
  4. Half Life

    System Crashes

    Well, I ran Prime95 on memory test and the system crash 27 min after, I can´t see the mensagge error, but on event viewer the error it's 0x0000000a (0x0000000000000010, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff804116a2232). And this it another one 0x00000139 (0x0000000000000004, 0xffff81808433f4f0, 0xffff81808433f448, 0x0000000000000000). And the MEMORY.DMP file memory.txt
  5. Half Life

    System Crashes

    Not yet. Haha it was on discount, same price that 600w. I had and remove the settings, but no by restore. I'll try.
  6. Half Life

    System Crashes

    Sure! https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3kxLzY
  7. Half Life

    System Crashes

    Hi guys, A few weeks ago my system starts crashes regulary, some times BSOD or just frezze. The problems started when I change my motherboard, I bought an Aorus Z390 Pro WiFi, the only changed that I do when I change the mother board was reinstall the OS. I downloaded the windows media creation tool and download the ISO this month. How looks when the system works normally. How looks when system frezze. And the BSOD... I reinstalled ALL drivers but the problem still.
  8. Half Life

    Barrow Pump

    Hi guys, Searching for a new pump I saw a new brand than I never hear "Barrow", they have a pump with model SPG40A-X and looks like a light version of D5, I think 1.5A@12V and 4000RPM. Someone can tell me if worth it, the price with top on PPCs it's $51.
  9. Half Life

    Die lapping

    Hi guys. A few weeks ago I delidded my 9600K, and to remove de indium I used a sand paper very carefull. But, days later I saw Der8auer lapping a 9900K. So I wondering if do that it's a problem with the time. I mean if a future the liquid metal can pass thru the die to the internal circuits and damage something. Unfortunately I saw too late the Quicksilver solder removal by Rockit cool.
  10. Half Life

    PSU Wattage for Build

    Well guys, searching on online country stores I found a Seasonic Prime Gold 1000W for ~$130 USD including shipping and taxes. Thanks for the help!
  11. Half Life

    PSU Wattage for Build

    Well in that case, I think it's convenient buy the 650 version, cuz in case if i need the extra cable, to buy it wil be the price for the cable plus shipping and tax. And I'm sure that will cost more than 10 extra bucks.
  12. Half Life

    PSU Wattage for Build

    I decided and I'll buy the RMx. For less $10 USD more I can go for the 650 version. I should buy it or save the money for anything else? Sure, I'll go for the RMx. Thanks!
  13. Half Life

    PSU Wattage for Build

    I know but on the problem it's the resellers in Mexico. They import the most common brands and if I want a specific brand I need import and the shipping and taxes increase to much the final price
  14. Half Life

    PSU Wattage for Build

    Oh, it's great hear that. Thanks, I have on target Seasonic or Corsair. I'm from Mexico, and I have a gift card on Amazon. So I will buy there.
  15. Hi guys. A few months ago I started the construction of a new PC. I bought some components, but I do not know what power PSU is enough for my build. I like do OC and I plan to do OC only to my CPU ~@5.0GHz. I have: * i5 9600K * MSI MPG Z390I * EVGA GTX 1070 SC * 16GB Vengance LPX @2400 * 2 SSD (2.5" and M.2 PCIe) * Alphacool Eisbaer * 4 Corsair SP120 HP I have money for a 750 Gold or 650 Platinum. The results from OuterVision PSU Calculator. Thanks! PS. I'm not from USA