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  1. Regarding Clickbait and thumbnails

    @dizmo That's a good point but what is the solution then? I personally don't care that much, but assuming it really bothered me, what should I do in your opinion.
  2. Regarding Clickbait and thumbnails

    @bob51zhang I totally get that but Linus has stated that this as a business decision so IF you want to change his mind you have got to show him that it was the wrong decision. When he sees people complaining but the views rising obviously he feels that he was successful.I'm not saying to make this a permanent thing just to remind him of the worth of his current viewers.
  3. I'm usually not a forum guy and only post if something bothers me. What bothers me this time is everybody complaining about the thumbnails in general and the clickbait title of the newest video. To be frank Linus doesn't care about your opinion he got his family to feed and employees to pay, so he will do whatever he has to do in order to make more money(as long as it is legal). If you genuinely care about this then simply unsubscribe,remove their affiliate code from your amazon bookmark and donät watch the new videos. Either that or you calm down and deal with it. Because try to see it from their perspective they probably think that the people complaining about this are just a vocal minority so you have to show them that they are wrong.
  4. @Velvet Revolver Yup that's why they are always in the beginning and/or end never in the middle. But that still doesn't solve the actual issue that I have.
  5. @Velvet Revolver I'm not opposed to them raising money actually I hope they can raise more and more but it's important how they raise it.
  6. That kind of doesn't resolve the issue. Take the honor phone as an example. That phone was absolute garbage for any kind of 3D application and if he would have reviewed it or look at it he would have known and not made an ad for it.
  7. First I'm a huge fan of LTT and a long time viewer/lurker but I have seen a trend now that kind of bothers me. Which is some times the ads at the end are of items that haven't been reviewed and probably won't be reviewed because they have been out for quiet a while.Now the first reasonable reaction will probably be: "Well what's the big deal it's clearly labeled as an ad and has to be understood in that context." 1.Why hasn't that been reviewed product been reviewed ? 1.1 They didn't know about the product before the sponsor contacted them. 1.2 They knew about it but couldn't review it because -insert reason here-. 1.3 They knew about it, looked at it and it turned out that the product was crappy. For obvious reasons I will assume that 1.3 isn't the case. But 1.1 and 1.2 are problematic, too. Because if Linus endorses a product he never used what does it say about the product? What does it say about Linus? Now I'm not saying that he is doing that to be semi-shady (yes I probably just invented that word) but that he may not be aware of it. Now back to the argument that those segments are clearly labeled as ads. If Linus speaks favorably about a product that is inherently an endorsement because of his position that is why sponsors pay him to do those segments.Even though it's only an ad Linus wouldn't knowingly advertise for a bad product. And that is the core issue here because his part job is exactly that...making sure that the product is good. The videos I'm talking about: Honor Couldn't find the vid about the feenix headphones dobby drone I'm curious to hear what you think about this.
  8. Best future proof graphics card

    In my humble opinion, the r9 290 is in the best option if you plan on upgrading in 2 years anyways. 1.It's cheap for the performance 2.If you really plan on playing AAA titles in 4k then no card you can get today will be able to do that.
  9. Opinions On These Components?

    Honestly I have no idea how relevant each pc component is in a pc for music production, but I do know that ever nvidia card lower than the 750ti is crap, So maybe go with an APU ?
  10. Linus Tech episodes

    Haha for me it's the other way around, I got used to the teasing but if it were only one weak for one part, that would be reasonable, the cases I'm talking about it's like a month for one part.
  11. Linus Tech episodes

    Yea I agree, and I also know, that they have many things going on that they don't make videos of and that they are very busy, but surely there has to be a way to at least make the waiting time between episodes at least shorter. I'd even be fine if they released other videos until the whole series was ready to be uploaded.
  12. Linus Tech episodes

    If this has come up already or is in the wrong place I'm sorry, but this is the only way I knew to get my opinion heard. First of all I get it, that getting out one video a day is very hard, especially when you try to keep up the quality high. I also understand that some videos take longer edit, and/or many people don't like to watch a 1hour video. But what bothers me the most is that the episodes are so far from each other, that I would prefer that the first video of a series would only be released when it is possible to release all episodes in the same week. I'm still a LTT fan but now if I see "part 1" I'm not excited to watch the video, but I feel down because I know it's going to take weeks until I get to see another part, and if that continues I will just stop watching multi- parts videos. EDIT: Cases where that was extreme was "the bang for the buck z97 motherboard guide" the first and the last episode where like 1 month apart..or the whole room water cooling project, I diidn't even watch that until the end because after 1 month of waiting I simply lost interest.
  13. raspberry pi is awesome, everbody knows it by now..haha
  14. PCMasterRace is Ignorant

    I'm kinda late to the party, so I'm sorry if some of the points have been addressed already. 1. 350 dollar for the XB1 is a holdiday sale,too. So if you exclude sales on PC you should do the same with the XB1. And you don't need a i5 amd has got some cheap quadcore cpu's as well, which still would perform better than the XB1 cpu( assuming you get a decent gpu). Now you use destiny as an example for sales on consoles, but the reason destiny is so cheap is because it flopped very hard and it got bad marks so people wouldn't buy it at full price. And the comparisons you make aren't very reasonably either, because most people don't buy an entire console for just 3 games. And it's unreasonable to calculate with the assumption that a person will play only 4 games forever. Games on the PC even when released can be easily bought for 45 dollars with deals.I haven't seen a case where it was different this year. 2. I grant you that point, and that's why I always say:"If you want to have a certain exclusive at all cost and/or are just, too lazy to be bothered to build your own PC then better go with consoles. 3. I wouldn't know, never played online on a console. 4.I don't see why people even play with splitscreen, the only reason it existed was because there wasn't another way back in the days. 5.Well that upgrade is only going to set me back around 200 dollars and I can still play all my games I have installed up to that point.
  15. I hope this is worldwide ? Please let it be .. I would pay for the shipment as well.