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  1. Yes, this. Yes I'm gonna contact Samsung about this cause this still is kinda fishy.
  2. a cursed R9 290 (its the 4th rma, 2 DoA and the 3rd killed my harddrive, this one just underperforms like a bitch) also "gibe nao pls."
  3. @Jetster I do never even consider turning it on @Joshua Ondangan&kurahk7 I do always and my highest measured temp (after >30minutes of Furmark) was 65°C (149°F) and ~60°C on the CPU(maximum Temp I could achieve with prime95) @SkilledRebuilds did what you said and I Reinstalled Windows Yesterday......
  4. @ross06187 I´m using Overwolf which is pretty accurate and some of the games (LoL and JC2) have it built in. @cerasai the CPU is at its original state since 2 weeks, but I just tried Downclocking by turning the multiplicand down to x15 wich gave me higher Framerates but also high microstutter and character jumping (only tested LoL because you know it´s 1.10AM atm here in Germany.
  5. Title sums it prettymuch up. my R9 290PCS+ by POWERCOLOR does not use its full potential and instead gives me whopping <30FPS @1080p (~500-600MHz) the specs are as follows: FX-6100 @ baseclock (multipier sets itself to 16x; 18x and 19.5x) 8GB DDR3 (1x8GB @1600MHz) ASRock 990FX Extreme 9 Seasonic 760Watt Platinum SAMSUNG 840EVO 1TB SSD (there is no bottleneck) and no, its not the RAM(I tested it) it happens with all the Games I have(LoL, Planetside2, JustCause2, Skyrim, Firefall, Crysis3, AC4 and especially in BF3) but BF3 is special(cutscenes@>100FPS whereas ingame <25) at any settings (I guess it´s a Assasins Creed Unity machine) I hope you have enough info, Peter Ernst (I also apologize for my bad English)
  6. I already tried the 13.251 Drivers they put in the Box Did it work? -V13.251 ->Nope -V14.3 ->Nope -V14.4 ->Nope -V14.4 "mobility" ->Nope but better -V14.7 ->Nope 1. I don´t know where 2. - 3. Don´t think so because i can Post this on the R9 290 (if no Driver is Installed) Suport Contacted......
  7. I am using the 14.4 Drivers The BSOD doesn´t even appear, it´s just Freezing for 3 secs and instandly Restarting (and its showing the options for the Secured mode while Rebooting) It doesn´t want to Download trying now but their UL is really Slow
  8. Well, the Problem is in the Topic Name. Windows Restarts 2mins after log in but only if the Drivers are Installed. GPU and PSU are like 4 Days old shouldn´t be them SSD is also New because of the many Restarts (Destroyed my old HDD) PC Specs: AMD FX-6100 8GB Ram (8GBx1) ASRock 960GM-GS3FX or 960GM-S3FX Samsung 840 EVO 1TB New (Fresh Install) Seasonic Platinum Series 760 Watt New (Bought with the GPU) Saphire R9 290 Tri-X New