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  1. i reseated the cooler, It did appear to have a bubble in it based off what the past looked like. my temps are slightly better at 69 idle and 77 throttle. any ideas on why it still isn't cooler than the stock cooler?
  2. i was curious about the wiring. the diagram doesn't show all connections. two for the fans. one for the block, the diagram shows one for the pump but i have two plug for the pump and im not sure where to plug the second pump in at. sorry if my wording is confusing.
  3. thanks ill let you know after im done might not be till tomorrow morning.
  4. I removed the plastic cover on the block. i havn't tested any load i just installed it. i thought it was pretty high and dont understand why its mroe than twice what the stock cooler was. at first it was 77C now it is 84 C and ill i have been doing is googing.
  5. I just installed my h220x AOI cooler. With my stock cpu cooler I had cpu temps around 95 degrees F, with my h220x I now have a cpu temp of 160 degress F. did I do something wrong. I used about the size of an uncooked grain of rice of mx-4 in the middle of the cpu and installed the cooler. All the lights are on and all fans are spinning. Any idea whats up?
  6. Also it looks like you can order custom print sets but i dont see the option to set that up on their site
  7. I looked there but it appears that they are not backlite compatable am i wrong?
  8. So i just bought my new keyboard.. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823129035.. and i am looking for custom keycaps. I would like to do a similar setup as this ducky http://www.duckychannel.com.tw/en/Ducky_Premier_DK9008P_bu+gy.html. I would also like the wsad and 12345 to be blue. my problem is that i want the keys to be backlite compatiable. if i got to choose a preference i would like rougher keys opposed to smooth glossy keys. From all my searces i haven't been able to find what i want so i was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction.
  9. you can try pcmark 8 there are also other benmarking software you can try just search in google.
  10. so i fixed my problem. it turned out i was using a 6 plus 2 connector instead of 4 plus 4 connector for the cpu. i feel like such a retard
  11. What is RMA? i assume its return to the manufacturer or something but don't know about the acronym.