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  1. No wall of text ... nvidia BSed and got caught and it's plain ans simple.
  2. https://www.change.org/p/nvidia-refund-for-gtx-970
  3. https://www.change.org/p/nvidia-refund-for-gtx-970
  4. So I am a troll cause of PCper ? Troll detected !
  5. Don't see how this thread has go this much attention other than the fact that the fanboy biased is stronger clearly on one side than the other. Freesync has not even been officially reviewed yet so lets reserve judgement until that time.
  6. I don't know much but I do know to listen to people like PCper. I am really only loyal to what you get for your dollars spent ... that's why I went with Intel CPU this time because they were willing to offer me allot more performance all around for the money .
  7. Touché and if the opposite is true lets be real with that option as well.
  8. No your just pumping up nvidia now cause or personal brand biased issues. I would reserve yourself and find more info on the topic before going full radical.
  9. I would because at a minimum between the lies from nvidia the Vram Gate and the coil whine issue that is plenty of reasons to warrant a consumer to be pissed.
  10. That's a personal opinion. I personally would wait for a month or two and see how this debacle pans out. If it ends up looking bad I would sell your 970 but if it's not so bad then i would buy your friends 970 for SLI.
  11. Ya man F3 was like a demo com paired to NV LOL.
  12. Why are you continuing to harass me ? Please add some value to the topics.
  13. Stop shit posting your self. You are the one shitposting and you know it. What value are you trying to place to the topic at hand ?
  14. I still don't see the value you are trying to present ?
  15. Not really. nvidia did bold face lie and they got caught and it's as simple as that. Weather or not this is the truth will be found out in time.
  16. I don't see the value you are trying to present ?
  17. That's how it always goes. Why would nvidia sell the last of the prior gen GPUs at a lose if they can sell them at a profit margin ?
  18. It's an excellent insight from qualified professionals.
  19. Please watch the video and then add the discussion at hand LOL. It's a great video with lots of insight onto this Vram Gate issue.
  20. Not this one. I will ask people to watch the video and absorb what PCper has to say on the matter as they are much more in the know than most of us.