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  1. After a few times of the phone crashing in safe mode, the installing system update screen poped out which ended with a dead android with "no command" written below it. Right after that the phone restarted normally and has been working without any problems till now. I only notice that the themes has been set back to default. Hopefully the phone stays ok
  2. I was able to start the phone up normally just now and transfer some important files out before the screen got stuck for awhile then the phone restarted but it got stuck while starting up. I will try to get into safemode after the battery drains again because it won't respond to me holding down any buttons.
  3. My S7 edge was stuck with a black screen and a blinking notification LED and was unresponsive to any buttons so I was unable to restart the phone. I let the battery drain so that I could restart it then the screen showed colourful lines What is happening
  4. Hi, My Ifi Hip Dac drains about 60% of battery in 20 hours when it is switched off and plugged into my computer which is also switched off. The battery doesn't drain when the USB cable unplugged from my computer but left plugged into my Hip Dac. My headphones are plugged in all the time. Is this a defect in the product or is this a design flaw? If you have an Ifi hip dac, can you test this too? Thanks
  5. My Asus GL502VM laptop has a combo jack, I use an audio splitter to plug in my headphone and mod mic, Realtek HD audio manager software only shows 3 options- mic in, headphones, speaker out. I cant get both microphone and headphone to work at the same time. Help
  6. Is it okay to have my MSI R9 290X to run at 100% load for long hours? I let my CSGO fps to go as high as possible to get the slight advantage over my enemy. Should I cap my fps?
  7. I have a Mionix castor mouse, I use color shift mode and get a deviation of around 3% in http://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/dpianalyzer.html with a dpi of 400 but when I turn off all lights, it has a deviation of around 2%. I tried this test multiple times and seem to have the same result. Does lightning effects on mouse or keyboard increases error and input lag?
  8. When i look at things at different angles in video games, they look different, like some blood missing from a wall from a certain angle and also in payday 2 i can't see through fences while far but can see through them while close. Is this something to do with windows 10? Is my graphics card dying? GPU - MSI R9 290X lightning (factory overclocked) OS- windows 10 64 bit
  9. ok, but i can only set AA to a minimum of 2X in my gpu settings, and it makes no difference at all.
  10. I can't find anti- aliasing setting in payday 2 and I use to have all settings max out without those blurry things.
  11. The fences in almost all games become blurry when I am at long distances, it wasn't like this in the past. What can I do to fix this, is my graphics card almost dead? CPU- I5 4460 GPU- MSI R9 290X LIGHTNING
  12. Do I need to know programming to enter university? Can I enter foundation without any programming knowledge?
  13. Ok, then why do I have a high increase in ping?
  14. I live in malaysia Johor but when I check my IP address location, it is in Kuala Lumpur which is like 200 KM away from me. I am using Fibre internet and even speedtest.net shows that I am in Kuala Lumpur. I also have really high ping in CSGO and battlefield 4. I usually have low ping. Is it something wrong with the internet service provider or is there something wrong with my hardware?