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  1. Ok thanks alot for the help! i've been looking all over for an answer...
  2. But wouldn't plugging 2 drives with windows on it mess things up?
  3. I'm about to build a new pc, with a m.2 drive which i want to use as my windows boot drive on the new pc. My current windows drive is a 120gb ssd, i want to use said ssd as a regular storage drive in my new pc, how would i go about deleting everything including windows on it?
  4. Thx for the help, it's much apreciated!
  5. The case i was thiking about was the Node 202 so airflow will be good i guess?? My 2nd option is running with the Raven RVZ01 instead because it's abit taller i can run the Noctua NH-L9x65 instead of the l9i and maybe i can then run the fan at abit lower rpm for less noise and still get better temps? Do you think it's worth getting the slightly bigger case? or do you tihkn i'll be fine with the node? sorry if im asking alot of questions but im about to spend a lot of money and i kinda want to get it right.. :3
  6. Is a tiny air cooler such as the Noctua-l9i enough to cool a i7 7700?
  7. I think i found a case that hits about all the spots for me, the Fractal Design Nano S. Thx all for the tips
  8. Some cases has to isolate the noise better...
  9. But some cases has to be "more" silent than others right? and as far as noisy parts go i'll try to limit the use of hdd's and maybe try the pantyhose trick mentioned above, but as far as cpu coolers go im not sure what's more silent, a 140 aio water cooler or air cooler?
  10. Thats odd.... ? He's probably talking about the HDD.. and yeah i know ssd's are the way to go if you want complete silence but i cant afford to buy ssd's that have my need of storage space.
  11. Looks abit too small, i forgot to mention i need it to support a decent length gpu i.e. a nvidia referenace cooler of sorts.
  12. I'm thinking about building a new pc because the one i have now is so bulky and crazy loud, but im not too familiar with all the different cases out there. Im looking for a case that's preferably an ITX case but an mATX case would do aswell and i needs it to have some sort of soundproofing of some sort.. Maybe someone with abit more knowledge in this area could give me a few case tips ?
  13. So black friday is here and i was thinking about picking up the BenQ 35" CURVED XR3501 since it's currently 40% off, so i was thinking about picking up this BenQ monitor and ditching my two 24" monitors, but i have one concern. How well is 2560x1080 supported on games? Maybe someone that has some experience with the BenQ or a simlilar 35" 2560x1080 monitor can help me out abit here, Thx for any help in advance!
  14. It's a ax860 platinum rated so i guess that ranks as a "Good" Psu?
  15. Well, it wasn't any regular leakage from a water pipe, it's raining like hell in norway atm so the water actually came up from the ground so.... it was pretty dirty...