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    Intel i7 4770K
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    Gigabyte Z87X OC
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    32GB Dominator Platinum 1866MHz kit
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    2X EVGA SC 780Ti in SLi
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    Corsair 330R Quiet
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    Seagate 1TB SSHD, Kingston HyperX 256 SSD, 2X Seagate 2TB NAS HDD in RAID 1
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    Corsair H110
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    Apple Wired Keyboard
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    Gigabyte M9 ICE
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  1. I don't kill friend. I don't even like to be aggressive. This isn't youtube. The point of this topic is not to recommend a product, but to point out sales. I did not buy these headphones - I don't really use headphones - I live alone and I like the floor vibrating a bit. If you'd like to debate the quality of the product, I'm sure there are better topics than a sale posting. I leave the decision to buy up to other people. And you should have told your friends that Razer headphones have a 1 year warranty, they could have gotten them replaced.
  2. It says its no longer available. Same with pt_nuke. I've noticed NCIX is no longer carrying a lot of their water cooling supplies... maybe they're distancing themselves because all those jerks (like me) hopping on the AiO solutions. Maybe call NCIX and see if they will special order it for you?
  3. Are you set on using a biocide like pt_nuke, or would you consider a killcoil? They should be easier to find... and from what I've heard they're better because you don't have to remember to add more when you refill/clean.
  4. Say What? So they're wired... and the mic is inline... which I believe means they shouldn't tout this product as a "gaming headset" it is 50% off at memory express for the next 24 hours. Online & Instore $299.99 Instant Savings ($160.00) Sale Ends: Feb 25, 2015 21:59 MST Only$139.99 http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX55932
  5. nofen/nofan - if they don't know - how should we? no... but seriously... they were nofen - they changed to nofan. but yeah - these guys had to have them send them out a new cooler because it didnt fit the case they sold them - and the temps were icky. http://www.nofancomputer.com/eng/
  6. They were high - like 80C - I felt I would get better temps with air cooling - and that was with fans and pump @ 100%. Again - I'm pretty sure it was the thermal compound at that point. The 330R is a silent case - so it also has limited airflow. I truly believe that even with a 120mm rad - an AIO should outperform most air coolers (maybe not some of the monster ones) but definitely the stock intel cooler.
  7. I always had the h110 in this particular system - the temps were decent when I was just using the onboard video - a month later I got the gtx 770 reference card - the temps went up a bit but not that much - it was when I added the two cards that the temperatures got extreme - the system would shut down during a single scene render - either gpu or cpu rendering - didn't matter. I tried all sorts of fan configs - push, pull, push/pull, I even mounted an external exhaust fan to boost the exhaust fan output. The rad was always at the top of the case - there was no other mounting point for a rad in the 330R. I also moved my case from under a desk to on top of the desk. This was in the 330R case though - I couldn't even take out the memory or access a sata cable without removing the gpus - it was cramped as heck. There are 3 factors that I believe were hindering my CPU temps: 1) The thermal compound that came with the h110 - it looked pretty stiff but I decided to trust it... I think it was Linus that said it was really good compound - but it looked dry. 2) The case was just way too cramped - I didn't plan on getting a gtx770 nevermind 2 780tis (they were bstock - and 2 cost a little more than one brand new one at my local dealer) 3) overkill fans. at one point I had 8 in this tiny 330R case - and I'm absolutely sure they were all working against each other. Now I have 3 fans (two on the rad 1 exhaust) and lots and lots of breathing room for components in the 760T - and temps have never been lower. It was a lot of trial and error - I kept thinking it was the H110 - but I kept reading other peoples great experiences with it - so I knew it was something I was doing.
  8. No - they're EVGA dual acx. But they don't really exhaust air out the back of the PC - if thats what they're meant to do. I had a reference gtx 770, and I could feel the hot air coming out the rear vent of the card. The primary card hinders airflow on the secondary card - so even if the secondary card is not in use (I sometimes turn off SLI for certain applications) its temp is warmer than the primary. In short - they're little space heaters for your case!
  9. I'm getting 30C under load (gaming) and I think 65C in a mentalray render with the h110 and a 4770k (stock speed). It was around 50 and 80 before changing thermal compound. (also arctic silver 5 - local place doesnt carry ic diamond - and im all about the hype) and I am using push fan config - mounted in the front intake of a 760t - much more airflow room than most cases but I also have dual gtx780tis and only other fan in the case is the exhaust. In my old 330R i had push/pull on the top mounted rad, 2 front intakes and an exhaust - when I just had a 770 i didnt need the push pull but with dual gpus there was nooooo room in that case. I set the pump to run at 100% in bios - I had read varying things but I couldnt hear the pump even at 100% and the difference in running it at 75% was something like 8 degrees higher. (this was in the cramped 330R)
  10. Heres the google doc linus keeps whenever he tests a cooler. I have the corsair h110 with stock fans but replaced the thermal compound last month - Im getting much cooler temps than I did when I first installed it a year ago. http://tinyurl.com/bagtchs PS trust no one.
  11. @HowToGaming : Have you tried a different USB cable? Maybe one with a ferrite bead if it didn't come with one - or maybe yours is defective. I have a snowball - and there is no discernible noise it picks up on its own - I know it's a different product altogether - but their entry level product shouldn't outperform their mid level. If this is a known fault - I'd contact blue and demand a replacement. They advertise it as a professional microphone - their QA department should be on top of this.
  12. Shaw service sucks in some areas. A friend of mine is paying for highspeed 100 ($90/month for 100/5) and is currently getting 8mbps down/5 up from around 5PM-2AM. Shaw suggested downgrading to their lowest plan until they upgrade the nodes in the area (currently at 95% full) which may be in a few months - but either way from what the customer service rep said really defines their service: "It is completely up to you if you want to pay more for a service that you are not receiving in your area. You now know that only during daytime you can achieve the speeds you are paying for so it's up to you to decide if you want to keep the plan you're currently on, we cannot discount or refund you because its due to the area you live in and not our service." Or some jive like that. I personally downgraded months ago from highspeed 50 to highspeed 25 because I'm barely around and I'm not downloading as much as I used to - but even with the 25mbps plan youtube and other streaming services seem to need to buffer for a few minutes (or display low quality automatically with services like youtube for the first minute or two of a video) and there are no issues with shaw in my area. As far as I know - I get the speeds I pay for - or darn close - whenever I've checked. Even when a streaming site buffers 10% of a 21 minute show for 10+ minutes. Many of my favorite sources for XBMC are the pits lately. OP: Thanks for the review - its good to know what else is around. Its not available in Alberta (when you choose ontario it shows you plans - when you choose alberta it just show an empty white area and then a link to info about bells LTE network. There's also Acanac as an option for those of you in ON + PQ - they resell both DSL and Cable.
  13. I was about to go on a rant about how crazy that is (It's basically just a service pack) but I googled it and there seems to be a workaround... nevertheless it is still sort of weird they seem to be trying to pass off 8 and 8.1 as completely different OS'.
  14. Where would we be without criticism? Probably with beige computers and keyboards with built-in rollerballs ;-) I am new to windows (I was around for 3.1-2000 - then I skipped everything until 8) but would this help you in anyway? It may only be for MBR and not GUID. http://findandmount.com/ If you have a mac or know someone with a mac - I absolutely loved Data Rescue from Prosoft - I would even use it for non-osx disks - I couldnt write to FAT32 or NTFS - but I could read - and when a friends drive went down - thats all I would need. Although a 2TB drive could take up to 4 days to scan (and thats before recovering the files) but I was amazed at how much it could recover - things I deleted years ago - and I fill my drives up to the brim (you know - because less air means less oxidization so my files are fresher)