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  1. Great question, I needed to look it up in my profile. Found the answer in my forum inbox. This dates back to February 2015, when I had paypal issues related to the "Bronze Contribution". Somehow Luke got involved, we resolved it and I got a custom badge. No idea who designed it.
  2. I have joined the movement and want to support LMG by watching their videos on Vessel. I assumed that it being a paid service, there would not be ads. But I just got an ad on Vessel, why? Maybe I was misinformed, but isn't the idea of Vessel being paid, that it has no ads? II might aswell go back to watching on Youtube and forgetting Vessel. And BTW, Vessel is crap when on low bandwidth (while youtube works fine).
  3. Username: FloGer Video 1: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 Video 2: https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY Thanks for doing this amazing give-away!
  4. Forget it, I've read enough bad reviews about HighPoint that I'm going to go with a LSI card...
  5. Has anyone gotten experience with HighPoint's RocketRaid cards?
  6. Hello, I am planning on upgrading my custom-made NAS with a RocketRaid 3620. For the moment I want to stay on the current hardware (just add the raid-card), but plan on upgrading in the future in order to use the NAS for additional functionality (GPU accelerated simulations etc). The reason I will need to change system to add a GPU is that I currently have a mini-ITX motherboard, and will need more PCI-e slots... So I wanted to know how easy (or if possible at all) it is to move a complete RAID-5 array from one system to another one. The OS would be Windows 8.1 or 10 in the future. It will be running on a SSD connected to the Motherboard. I do not know if I will keep the same windows configuration, or use the opportunity to re-install windows from scratch (when moving from one mobo to the next one). Any thoughts? I hope that I gave enough information, feel free to ask for more! Thanks in advance, FloGer
  7. I would love to get this NUC! Would be a great upgrade to my old HTPC.
  8. Thanks for the shorter intro Luke (30 seconds) Apart from that, great video!
  9. FloGer

    Logitech G910

    Hey Linus, Your intros have become too long! You roll the intro-video after only 50 seconds! I understand that you need more time to tease the upcoming content (which I like), but please keep it short. Luke does a better job at intros IMHO... Apart from that, I loved the video
  10. Great build! One question: Did you apply thermal paste on the CPU? You probably just cut that part out of the video, but is it recommended not to use any? (might be a similar reason than for the rubber...)
  11. Great job LinusMediaGroup! I understand that producing one video per day can be a struggle, but man it's nice to get home and watch this one video every day! As for the draw, I'm really interested in the Surface Pro 3, so if I'm drawn for anything else, I would like to let it to some other member of the community, just redraw - (s)he'll enjoy it more than I, I guess. Keep up the good work!
  12. Hey guys, Concerning your "support us" thing, you should add "1 time donations" instead of monthly subscriptions. Some people want to help, but are afraid of commiting on a monthly thing. And yes, you can cancel it whenever you want, but some people will forget to cancel (if they wanted in the first place) and thus not donate in the first place... Could help you out
  13. I love the battery of the Z2! And what I like about dBrand is that their skins are so well fitted to all the gadgets that they cover. Hope to win this giveaway!
  14. My favorite thing is the UI - so customizable!
  15. Hey Guys, Where is the guest segment? Do you no longer look out for guests? Or do you not have guests? I would love to see Joshua Topolsky from The Verge!