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  1. It would appear so. Just before my phone shut down, someone posted a funky looking character in a groupme with 200 people in it.
  2. It seems to buzz whenever I receive text messages or other notifications, it just wont go past the apple bootup logo.
  3. I entered DFU mode and tried recovering but it said software for my phone was not supported and to try updating itunes. I literally updated my itunes half an hour ago.
  4. Already did that through recovery mode. Tried updating, said it couldn't update for some reason. Tried restoring, said it couldn't do that either.
  5. Title says most. Was using my iphone 8 when it suddenly entered the shutting down process as if it had run out of battery (It still had 80% battery). I hard rebooted it only for the apple logo to load, briefly disappear, reappear seconds later and then proceed to do nothing. It has been in this state for nearly an hour. I have tried the recovery mode with no success. Help me Obi-wan, you're my only hope. I also have a phone interview tomorrow so I kinda need this working.
  6. Need advice building a forum for a club

    I'm not at all familiar with phpbb. Looking it up online, my first impression is that its geared towards people who are a bit more adept at web development than I am. Is it simple to use/do I even have the correct understanding of what it is?
  7. Hello all! I'm in a debating group in my college and I recently took over the job of updating the club's website. We have a lot of active alumni but currently the only way for them to continue to participate is to use this really annoying chatlist that relies on email and sends emails to every single person on the list when somebody talks. Nobody has ever really addressed this but I want to modernize and create a whole forum for my club so that they can all talk and not rely on this really annoying chat list. Is that at all possible or is that just way too over the head for an amateur like myself? Are there helpful websites akin to squarespace or wix that are good for building private forums? I'm using wix currently to update the regular website and it has a forum feature developers can use but I hate it with a fiery passion so I'm looking for something better.
  8. Designing Small Form Factor PC

    Unfortunately I can't wait for Kaby lake. I'm at home now and I brought my desktop with me because I knew I wanted to make these upgrades.
  9. Designing Small Form Factor PC

    Ive looked around and have not been able to find a z77 itx motherboard online.
  10. Designing Small Form Factor PC

    1. My motherboard is full atx. 2. My budget limit is tentatively set around $600. I'd prefer to keep it under. 3. Dimensions are: (L x H x W) 10.43" x 4.45" x 1.5"
  11. Hello all! So I'm a college student now and the desktop i built back in 2012 with a Corsair 500R, or whatever giant case it is, is just too big and heavy to lug around and it takes up a lot of space. I'm trying to come up with a small upgrade, not a total redesign, to my system but I'm running into some issues. I want to reuse as many parts as possible in a small ITX case but the case is either way too big for what I want, or so small that the reusability of my old parts is somewhat limited. For reference I have: CPU: i5-3570k Mobo: MSI G45-z77 or whatever it is PSU: Corsair H750 GPU: MSI GTX 660TI Lightning Cooler: H100i 2 500 GB hard drives and 1 60GB SSD The ram isnt important I wanted to try to downsize to something like a Fractal Design Node 202 but then I basically have to throw almost all my old hardware out, all of which is still good. My idea was to go for something slightly bigger then but it seems the next best option for reusability is the Bitfenix Prodigy which is much bigger than I would like. Basically I haven't been able to find anything that is a happy-medium. Reusing as much as possible would be best because I want to keep the price down. Any thoughts for what to do? Thanks!
  12. I have an old i5-3570k. Ive scoured the web and cant seem to find any Z77 Itx motherboards for sale that aren't $400.
  13. So I built my first computer about 4 years ago when I entered high school, and I'm now a college student that has to move around a lot. Unfortunately, the old computer I built was designed to be stationary and not moved around much, so obviously now that I'm in college and move a lot more, this doesn't work. I was hoping to downsize what I have into a bitfenix prodigy M without having to upgrade my processor or motherboard. Unfortunately, my motherboard is a full atx while the prodigy M is a micro atx. I can't go buy a micro-atx motherboard because nobody makes them anymore, and I would prefer not to upgrade yet because then I would have to buy a new motherboard + CPU + Memory, blah blah. So, assuming I have little to no modding experience, is it possible to fit an ATX board into a Bitfenix Prodigy M? Thanks!
  14. Hey there. My sister is a computer game design student and her old laptop recently croaked. She uses programs such as CAD, photoshop, and Unity. What laptop would be the best choice for these programs? If my assumption is correct, she would be looking more for cards like the firepro series rather than just a normal gaming graphics card.