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Thousands protest near White House, Spies might act different after COVID



Should I keep changing the format of the news or keep it as is?  

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  1. 1. Should I keep changing the format of the news or keep it as is?

    • Keep it the way it is!
    • I liked last week's format better
    • Keep on changing it

Thousands Flood Streets Near the White House

Thousands of "Beautiful peaceful and diverse" people protested today. Read more for more info!


USA Spies Might Do Their Job Differently After COVID



In the two decades after the attacks of September 11, 2001, the CIA and other spy agencies made terrorism their top priority, with the goal of preventing another 9/11. For the most part, they succeeded.

Now a pandemic has killed more Americans in four months than died in all the wars in the last half-century — 35 9/11's and counting — while inflicting trillions of dollars in economic damage.


Exclusive: COVID-19 Stats As Of June 6th, 7:30 PM EST

Hey there. @wall03 here. I am here to give you the latest COVID-19 stats


Global Death: Almost 400K. 398K to be exact.

Global Cases: 6.8M

USA Deaths: 109K

USA Cases: 1.9M

Top 3 Countries with COVID-19: 1. USA 2. Brazil 3. Russia

Exclusive: LTT Meme




Tech News

Apple Can't Get Robots To Use Screws

Big Navi for sale before on console?!

Xeon is Always Sunny: Leak states 10nm?

Google Getting Sued for Tracking You In "Private Browsing Mode"


Also guys give me some feedback about the formatting of this. I can continue to change it or do you like it. Poll at the top


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