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fromis_9 - Glass Shoes





fromis_9 are a 9-member girlgroup formed through the 2017 reality show 'Idol School', with the name 'fromis_9' meaning 'from Idol School 9'. Today I'll be taking a listen to their pre-debut single 'Glass Shoes' which aims to project them into the hallyu wave, with a soulful and pure schoolgirl vibe, similar to that of earlier Gfriend works.


Being a fan of girlgroups and especially ones with bubbly and sweet tones, I anticipate Glass Shoes will meet my expectations and be a song I'll enjoy for years to come.




0:02 - The song begins with a very innocent and pure instrumental coupled with the '빙글빙글' vocal harmonies from the girls, hinting at a pure and girly concept.

0:13 - I love how simple the instrumental here is, the instrumental isn't too busy or crowded but enough to maintain the bubbly energy the intro presented. The drum and the electric guitar give the song a sort of rock type of feel which elegantly contrasts with the sweet vocals and bubbly highs of the instrumentals.

0:28 - I love how the instrumental dips match the '생각하는 찰 나 에' to give the vocals some more pattern and rhythm about them.

0:37 - The chorus definitely inherits the rocky punky instrumentals from the first verse and it strangely works despite the pure and innocent vocal image. There's also a really low electric guitar tenudo below the entire composition which elevates the highs of the vocals even more, nice touch.

0:49 - I love how the instrumentals again match the rise and dips of the vocals to unify the vocals and the instrumentals to create a consistent and rhythmic composition.

1:00 - The turn back to the intro's soothing and innocent melody is a nice touch as it gives the listener a break from the sugar and bubbly nature of the chorus.

1:11 - This second verse has quite a subdued instrumental coupled with pure and sweet vocals, and begins to work its way back up as the second verse gets deeper into the pre-chorus.

1:36 - I love how innocent and pure the vocals sound, fromis_9 always has this cuteness about them and this particular chorus is no exception.

2:09 - This heartfelt and soulful bridge is accompanied by a mindful and soothing instrumental which I love as it showcases the raw vocal ability of the girls as well as taking a break from the bubbly vibe from the chorus and previous verses by giving us this soulful and relaxing bridge.

2:33 - I anticipated this chorus to increase a key but it didn't seem to really change in volume or texture at all, it seems like a normal chorus with no added adlibs or anything which I love as finishes off with that same pure and innocent vibe that fromis_9 started off with in that first chorus. I also love that by not increasing the compositional tone or texture, that the song throughout has remained with a soulful and pure tone.




I really love this song. The innocent and pure textures of the composition combined with the sweet and girly vocals of the girls. The song also has a heartfelt and peaceful vibe which I like as it promotes that girly and innocent vibe that fromis_9 are going for. Glass Shoes I find is similar to Gfriend's earlier works such as Fingertip and Rough, all three of those songs have pure and soulful vibes about them. Glass Shoes' chorus definitely has this purity and soul that creates an innocent image for fromis_9.


Being a pre-debut, I think the song is meant to be a representation of who fromis_9 is going to be in later comebacks, and I personally think it worked, but like I mentioned before, it's very similar to Gfriend with the innocent schoolgirl aesthetic which wasn't entirely effective to make them stand out to me. The song is still very cute and pure to me and musically, I really liked it.


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