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Ace of Angels - New Moon





AOA's latest EP, New Moon, released November 2019, has officially come out, and having bene a long-time fan of AOA for the latter part of my life, I am extremely excited to check it out.

This time around, AOA has 5 members with the departure of Kwon Mina, but if their Mnet Queendom appearance taught us anything, it's that AOA can slay the entire K-pop industry no matter how many members leave. Their title sing Come See Me has been highly anticipated, so I will be sharing my thoughts on not just the title, but also the entire album's array of songs.



  • 0:00 - Immediately the song opens up nicely with a melodic guitar melody with echoing finger snaps and a mild kickdrum. Jimin's vocals are forward and echoing too.
  • 0:20 - The girls' vocals are amazingly clear and given body with the low undertone beneath their vocals an octave lower than what they are singing. This vocal performance accompanied by the extended guitar melody make for a great first verse.
  • 1:00 - The girls' vocals are once again center-stage as the instrumentals enhance the mids and highs in the song's composition. I especially like that the background instrumentals follow the vocal's raise and low in pitch to give the vocals some more flow and enhance the change in pitch.
  • 1:32 - This second verse's composition is more or less derived from the first verse, only this time with a kickdrum to further accentuate the atmosphere and give Jimin's rap even more body and speed, upping the tempo. I love the flow of the second verse.
  • 2:32 - This half-time bridge is amazingly clear and the subbass is full of vibrance and warmth. The girls' vocals here take center-stage and give the bridge lots of body and soul, especially with the instrumentals underneath the vocals elevating the vocals even higher than the low, subbass floor.
  • 2:50 - A very simple clap and vocal bridge climax here to focus the listener on the excellent vocal ability of the girls. The slow buildup also leads to a dramatic final chorus which re-introduces the base composition of the first chorus combined with the second chorus to end on a high note.


  • 0:00 - The simple whistling is a melodic base combined with the stark dirty electric guitar.
  • 0:20 - The vocals are the main focus here with a very bass pluck, guitar, and the repeat of the whistling from before.
  • 0:49 - The half-time here also focuses on the excellent vocal abilities of the girls as well, letting the listener appreciate the vocals that much more as there is such a simple composition.
  • 1:15 - The vocals here are accompanied by the return of that electric guitar with the kickdrum and whistling, making an awesome yet simple beat.
  • 2:27 - The electric guitar here is subdued to allow the vocals to come forward that bit better, and I love how simple the composition is for the song whilst also keeping that repetitive catchy whistling in the background.


  • 0:07 - The simple guitar plucking combined with the traditional kickdrum accompanying the soft vocals is a great, seductive start to the song.
  • 0:38 - The introduction of an additional guitar to add to the composition is great as it gives the song some more body whilst still keeping the focus on the amazing, sexy vocals.
  • 0:54 - The amazing, high harmonies of the girls combined with that rhythmic background composition makes for an awesome jazz beat. The echo in the high notes makes for some amazingly wide sound staging too despite them only singing in a high tone.
  • 2:32 - The muted background composition here with the vocals allows the listener to really take in the amazing vocal ability of the girls. I love this part so much because it puts so much emphasis on their talent.


  • 0:13 - That hard drum beat combined with their vocals is a nice, jazzy start to the song.
  • 0:47 - The jazzy instrumental in the background combined with the girls' vocals is a head-rocker for sure. The background composition isn't busy enough to be muddled but still manages to keep the girls' vocals far forward.
  • 2:20 - The soft "oooooh" sounds in the lower parts of the composition really elevate the girls' vocals and gives their vocals some body to enhance their vocals. The song otherwise has a very flat, low background profile.



As a whole, the EP really impressed me. I particularly enjoyed Come See Me and Ninety Nine. Come See Me had those Latin vibes that I am honestly so weak for in Korean pop. The Latin-inspired guitar melody really enhanced the body of the song. Their vocals were out of this world.

Ninety Nine stood out to me a lot thanks to that catchy composition combined with the alluring vocals of the girls. It's a nice, jazzy, seductive song.

This album is a great return for AOA, Come See Me is an amazing song and part of an amazing album.


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