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Graviton Lance in 2019 - Bonus Weekend Post

Crunchy Dragon


Recently got the catalyst for Graviton Lance, been essentially maining it in PvE and PvP as a result.
Today, I'd like to talk a bit about this weapon. In the event of somebody not knowing Graviton Lance, I'll start by doing a quick run-down:
  • Graviton Lance is an exotic Void pulse rifle. It fires a two-round burst, and features the Black Hole perk(second round does more damage, has no range falloff, and has more recoil), and the Cosmology trait: kills with this weapon cause enemies to explode and spawns Void projectiles that track enemies.
  • A quick screenshot of Graviton Lance's stats from Destiny Item Manager:
  • Ignore the range stat of 91, that's part of what the catalyst gives you upon completion(DIM is weird with exotic catalysts).
Because the two-round burst on Graviton Lance is very closely timed, it feels a lot more like a scout rifle than a pulse rifle, which I would recommend you treat it as.
My opinion on this weapon: I think it's better than most people give it credit for. Yesterday, due to the Cosmology perk, I was able to take out a total of 3 Guardians, 2 of which were behind cover(clip here). Plays such as that have got me thinking, maybe Graviton Lance could be strong in the competitive playlist. At the time of posting, that play would have almost wiped a whole team; here's the important part, without a sightline. I couldn't see them, they couldn't see me.
Today, I started trying to develop a build around Graviton Lance. I essentially modified CammyCakes' "Attack Helicopter" build, substituting Graviton Lance for Fighting Lion. If you don't want to click the link, it basically consists of middle tree Arcstrider(I ran top tree because I like it more), Stompees, and Trackless Waste with kill clip.
*not shown: gambler's dodge, arcbolt grenade, triple jump
I honestly love this loadout. It's not the strongest one I've played by any means, but it can work wonders. Graviton Lance aids with taking out groups very well, and can leave Guardians susceptible to SMG cleanups, proccing Kill Clip. I didn't really care what I ran in my heavy slot, the grenade launcher is there because I still need Mountaintop progress.
This isn't the most aggressive loadout I've used, but I did have a lot of fun playing it. Thanks for reading this far, and feel free to provide any constructive criticism and share your thoughts and/or experience in the comments!


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7 minutes ago, xKyric said:

Nicely done. As a non-Destiny player, I have absolutely no clue what you're saying, but it sure does sound convincing. 

Two weeks till I can try Destiny out! 

We'll be happy to have you :D

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