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Let's Talk about Luna's Howl

Crunchy Dragon


Missed yesterday's blog post, so you get a bonus weekend post today :D


Yesterday, I finally acquired Luna's Howl and put it to some work in the Crucible:



Today, I'll be talking about what weapons I've paired it with and what I think of it so far.

  • First and foremost, I highly recommend you run hand cannon scavenger and reserve perks if you can. With Drop Mag, you burn through ammo pretty quickly. I actually ran out during a comp match last night.
  • Secondly: Magnificent Howl seems a bit inconsistent. Sometimes I get it to proc, other times it doesn't seem to. I'm not super fussed about it personally, as I usually get pretty consistent 3-taps with this gun anyway, but figured it was worth mentioning.
  • Third: you need to know your range with this hand cannon. Destiny Item Manager reports a solid 47 on the range stat, but it does lack considerably compared to other hand cannons. Knowing your effective range and which distances you can/can't challenge with Luna's Howl will drastically improve your gameplay. Better Devils for example, generally sits somewhere between 45-50. Thorn has 54. Malfeasance has 50. Trust can have a decent amount, my roll has 61.


When it comes to hand cannons in Destiny, range is just about everything. A well-rolled Duke Mk.44 can duel pulse rifles. That's a topic for a different post, though. Most of what Luna's Howl struggles with is range, I've noticed. It's incredibly consistent if it can reach your target, otherwise you can spend up to a whole magazine trying to get a kill.


Things that irk me a little bit about this weapon:

  1. It still kicks exactly like a 180 RPM hand cannon, which took some getting used to, knowing it's a 150 RPM post-nerf.
  2. Zen Moment feels a little bit wasted, especially when Luna's Howl has such a high stability stat to begin with.
  3. Knowing it's not as good as many other options post-nerf makes me sad. I want Not Forgotten now.

On to something more fun, it's time for weapon pairings!! I may write more details about these builds this week.

  • Chaperone was an obvious choice. Works wonders on enclosed maps such as Burnout.
  • Revoker was next. Very solid and consistent build overall.
  • I gave my Halfdan-D a try. Made a pretty big difference in terms of which ranges I can contest.
  • Parcel of Stardust was fun. Not as consistent across range as Chaperone.

That's about all I have for today. Got some neat ideas for this week that I'll probably be experimenting with this weekend.


With the move to Steam and New Light coming up, I may start to come up with relatively easy to obtain and use PvP builds as well.

That's all I have for today, hope everyone has a great weekend!


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