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Fortnite Rant 16/04/2018

Alex Colson


So as the Title spells out for you all this is me going off on a wobbly over Fortnite, This fairly new Battle Royale game made from Epic games. Now I have many things to give off to epic games about this games system etc but firstly brief intro on the game. 


Fortnite is a Game which has two modes save the world and 'Battle Royale'. I'll be Ranting on the Battle Royale aspect of the game which is a 100 player island survival and who every is last standing get to be lonely on a island that is not destroyed by giant towers, half destroyed buildings and no way to escape a storm which surrounds it. So my issues with this game dominantly comes from two aspects the Building and the Guns. Going off on the guns it removes a high part of Skill from the game as the better the weapon the higher the damage it outputs per shot. This means if your in the end zone with a grey weapon you may as well turn the barrel and end yourself as it ain't gonna be easy. So to me I don't like the aspect that one of the key aspects in winning is getting a higher coloured weapon instead of skill. 


Upon other things the Weapons have this really odd RNG bullet recognition damage system I assume, Where you can hit someone point blank range and get a measly 8 dmg show up from a shotgun, which is completely absurd due to the fact the guns already have increasing damage based on the colour of said weapon why add in a RNG bullet which is like, "hey 8 dmg  you know that your dead now because of that measly 8 dmg" . Anyway other than those areas the gun play is good I do enjoy the gun play when engaging players from time to time. 


Coming onto the other Rant topic would have to be the building, And no before people say just get better at building it isn't that aspect. I Don't like the building because it leaves players to not plan out their movement as much and just run from point A - B  as the bird flies. Which is basically because you can just run and as once you get shot at or hit you just build 4 walls and a ramp to bunker down.... which just to me kills to strategy aspect of the game when solo because how are you meant to plain going against a player doing that if your low on ammo? Like you can't waist shots on him and then he gets the advantage as he can peek you without being too out of cover. Only option is to do the same of fuck off away from the dude. Soo yeah the building is a good concept to the game but at the same time removes some skills that could be used if without it. (I know this would just make is a cartoon Battle Royale without its own spin off).


Finally the last thing that just get me soo annoyed In the game and doesn't really affect me would have to be the constant Adding of Content to a basic game mode. Like I know other companies do this for their games but no where near as often as this. Like since Fortnite Battle Royale launched it has had a Chain gun, Crossbow, impulse grenade, boogie bomb, Hunting rifle, Homing Rocket, Hand Cannon, InstaFort and other if I have missed any within a short span. The fact that Fortnite needs to keep bringing out content to have people enjoy it kind of begs the question, Does the players play Fortnite for the base game or for the new gear, Skins, cosmetics and loot that you can acquire via money or via finding in game for the match. Like I'm only basing this off what I know, People who still play PUBG only have packs to get clothing and even then it doesn't control the game and why people play it. yet for me it looks like the skins n all is why people play Fortnite which is fine, if you like wasting money on making a nice looking character that will eventually be abandoned because it is no longer the craze.


So to summarize this I would have to say why do people play this game? Is it for the Actual gameplay or for the cosmetics and gear you get? What would make me enjoy this game as the shitty player I am? Well if the Bullet damage was static meaning depending on range it will do said damage in this body area and none of this hey 8 damage at close range bs with the Shotguns, That and well just cleaning up the game give players other play styles than build n hide or build and run. 


So that's the end of my Fortnite Rant that was fuelled by the rage of getting the damn 8 dmg pump hit markers in yesterdays game.... Please feel free to leave your feedback or toxic hate of my view on the game. As I said it is only my opinion others could agree of disagree on it. 

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